Americas Cup San Francisco After Party 2012

“Your Majesty, there is no second.” – This is what Queen Victoria’s aide told her when she asked who came in second place after New York Yacht Club’s vessel, aptly named America, sailed past the Royal Yacht in 1851. From that fateful day on, the schooner America continued to beat other powerful yachts for over 100 years.

When the New York Yacht Club donated the 100 Guinea Cup under a Deed of Gift in 1857, the trophy’s name was changed to America’s Cup. The America’s cup is considered as the most elusive racing boat trophy which makes it even more coveted and prestigious. Since the race started in 1851, only four countries have won the illustrious and oldest trophy. This includes the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia.

If you haven’t witnessed the different countries’ teams in action during the America’s Cup, now is your chance. Head  to San Francisco, California October 2-7, 2012 and be a part of this fast-paced and excited sporting event of all time.

Boating enthusiasts from all over the world will take part in the Americas Cup San Francisco. If you are a fan and would to experience the thrill of being in a race, you should head on out to the City by the Bay.

After watching the powerful sailboats race their way to the finish line, you and your friends could unwind and visit the most buzzing nightclubs in San Francisco. To avoid waiting in line outside the club for hours, make sure to book a Nite Tours Sip Happens Tour - one of the most exclusive nightlife experiences the city has to offer.

Nite Tours is an award-winning company that offers continuous high-quality entertainment that is sought after by both SF locals and tourists alike. Nite Tours brings to you Sip Happens – the only tour you should go on after watching the Americas Cup San Francisco.

The San Francisco SIP Happens Tour lets individuals feel like the champions of the Americas Cup San Francisco – VIPs. The tour will start at Sugar Cafe where a Nite Tour’s host will introduce the guests to one another. Over a round of drinks, the guests will get the chance to know each other a bit better. The guests and the designated host will then proceed to Infusion Nightclub, which is situated in Union Square, for a fun night of dancing and more. Because that is not enough, the San Francisco SIP Happens Tour’s will also visit Vessel, Slide and Ruby Sky night clubs for more fun and games. Hopefully, the participating team members of the Americas Cup San Francisco will all be there too!

People booked on the San Francisco SIP Happens Tour do not have to worry about long lines because Nite Tour's guests receive VIP access to each nightclub on the tour. Each tour guest will receive VIP treatment including free welcome drinks, paid covers and zero line waiting. All they need to think about is what to wear and how to dance.

Don’t stay in your hotel room after the Americas Cup San Francisco. Be a part of the San Francisco Sip Happens tour and have VIP-style fun that only Nite Tours can provide.

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