Are you coming to town soon and wishing to see the magnificent displays and dazzling lights of the Las Vegas nightlife? Well there is no better way to enjoy a night out on the town than by going on the one and only Sip the Strip Tour! This is one of the most popular tours on the Strip that offers the best sights, sounds and sips of the city. If you want to have the best possible time while on your trip to Las Vegas then this is your only choice.

As previously mentioned, the Sip the Strip Tour is one of several great and amazing tours put on by Las Vegas Nite Tours. Las Vegas Nite Tours is the leading Las Vegas nightlife company in town that knows how to throw the ultimate party and create an unbelievable experience for all. While on the Sip the Strip Tour, everyone while be escorted by a fun-filled VIP Host and shown around town through some of the most exclusive nightlife venues in Las Vegas. Not only will everyone on the tour be able to partake in some fun drinking excursions at each venue, but everyone will also be able to witness some of the most beautiful displays of the Las Vegas nightlife including the Bellagio Water Fountain Show, the light displays put on by select properties and the spirited fun from the street individuals.

So where is everyone going exactly to enjoy a night filled with unlimited drink specials and popping music? Well, Las Vegas Nite Tours is a crowd favorite because of the awesome partners that it has. The select line up for the Sip the Strip Tour includes Lily Lounge, Hyde Lounge, The Deuce Lounge and lastly, Haze nightclub. All of these venues are unbelievable in their own way and offer their own idea of fun to each guest. All of the lounges offer great 2-for-1 drink specials to both men and women touring with Nite Tours for the evening. While at the nightclub, everyone can dance the alcohol out and listen to some of the hottest DJs in town.

The Sip the Strip Tour is by far the best tour of the Las Vegas nightlife, especially for anyone coming out to have a fun yet mellow weekend. If you and your friends want to have an evening experience unlike ever before then the only way to do so is with Las Vegas Nite Tours. They can guarantee that everyone gets the weekend that they have always wanted out of Las Vegas and that everyone has a rocking tour of the city. If this sounds like fun to you and your friends then visit today and get ready to get your sip on!
Las Vegas has always been known as the city full of parties and other pleasurable activities, however aside from all of the fun, it is also home to thousands of business conventions and meetings year round. Business men and women from all over the world come to Las Vegas to meet with new clients, partners, and for transactions of different items. So aside from the working aspect, what else is there to do in Las Vegas for the business traveler? Well, as mentioned earlier Las Vegas is the party city of the world, so you can bet that there is going to be something to do for each and every business traveler. One thing in particular is the Las Vegas Nite Tours Sip the Strip. It is the number one way for business travelers to relax and have some fun on the Strip while in town for work.
So what exactly is the Sip the Strip? Sip the Strip is the fun-filled drinking tour put on by Las Vegas Nite Tours. Throughout the night, a VIP Host from Nite Tours will take all of the members of the party through some of the hottest and most exclusive lounges on the Strip to enjoy unlimited 2-for-1 drink specials and great company. Each lounge has its own method for entertaining the guests along with its own special selection of beverages to choose from. Whether you are a male or female, everyone will be able to enjoy unlimited drink specials and even a few complimentary drinks at certain venues.
Las Vegas Nite Tours is known for partnering with the best of the best and the most exclusive nightlife venues in town. From lounges to nightclubs, Nite Tours provides only the best for all of its guests. Some of the nightlife venues where guests may go while on the Sip the Strip Tour include Lily (Bellagio), The Deuce (Aria), LAVO (The Palazzo), Hyde (Bellagio), Baby Dolls (Planet Hollywood), and several others. All of these locations have amazing party atmospheres along with beautiful views of the Strip. After going through a handful of the lounges, the ending portion of the Sip the Strip Tour is to go to a nightclub. There you may dance the alcohol out of your system and see how clubbing in Las Vegas is really done. The nightclub that you may go to could be LAVO, Haze, LAX, The Bank, 1OAK, Tao, Pure, Chateau, or Lights.
Business travelers can get very exhausted from having to do work all of the time and not being able to have any fun. Well in Las Vegas, Nite Tours wants to provide you with the option to get out a little and have some fun, but not get too wild. The Sip the Strip Tour is the ultimate way to get away from contracts, emails, PowerPoints and other work related things, and instead enjoy a few nice glasses of wine or shots in order to get some relaxation in. So the nest time you are in town for business, remember that you can enjoy some pleasure by going on the Las Vegas Nite Tours Sip the Strip.