I have to say that it is really cool how often celebrities are sighted while on a Nite Tours.  You will either see them on a Nite Tours or you will see them at the clubs, in the restaurants, or just walking by.  I remember Taylor Swift’s record label called Nite Tours for her to do a Nite Tours in Las Vegas in 2007.  Unfortunately she was only 18 or 19 years of age and we could not take her on our crawl, although they were just looking for nightlife pictures, not to go drinking.  We did take Taylor Swift on a Nite Tour of the city while they snapped pictures in our limousines. 

Another Celebrity you maybe familiar with is Nathan Fillion, star of Castle, Firefly, Two Guys a Girl with Ryan Reynolds and many other TV and Movies.  Nathan started out with Nite Tours as a VIP Host in Edmonton, Canada and left Nite Tours for New York to act in One Life To Live as Joey.

Here are some of the sightings we have had over the past year.

Las Vegas: just last week we were having a blast on “Sip Happens” tour at the Venetian, and up comes Eddie Griffen, the comedian.  you know him best as the “Man Pimp” in Rob Schnieders “Deuce Bigalow”.  Adrian Grenier of Entourage at Mirage as we whisked by the line at Jet night club.  Dennis Rodman at Paris Hotel as we were on our way to Chateau night club.  Jersey Shore’s the “Situation” inside LAX.  Kim Kardiasion and her husband Kris Humphrey’s at Bellagio and then again at Caesars as the tours were visiting the Bank inside Bellagio and PURE at Caesars Palace.  Speaking of Caesars Palace, this past weekend we had the opportunity to see and get autographs from Rod Stewart. it was a very brief encounter, but really cool…Michael Phelps was spotted on our Sip Happens tour at the Venetian inside LAVO, really down to earth and great guy.  Last week we saw Mark Walberg at the Palms during a meeting we had at Simon’s.  David Blaine inside City Center.  David Spade and Adam Sandler inside Mirage having dinner at Stack. Kevin James, comedian actor King of Queens at Wynn shopping.  We also ran into Floyd Mayweather and Lil Jon inside Mandalay Bay going past the sport book on our way to the MIX.

San Francisco: Nite Tours Sip Happens San Francisco focuses on the famous Union Square area.  This is where you see tons of tourists, high end shopping, great restaurants and the best in nightlife.  over the past year we have seen or ran into Robin Williams, Lady Ga Ga, Rober DeNiro at Rubicon Restaurant, Francis Ford Coppola (Director and Wine maker) outside the Westin St Francis, Bruce Willis at the Fairmont to launch Sobieski which is his new Vodka endeavor. Nite Tours is trying to see if a partnership can be arranged…we also ran into the Star Trek Captain Willaim Shatner as he was grabbing a coffee at Starbucks…

Chicago: Chicago is famous in the movies as the downtown is so rich with culture and beauty.  Nite Tours has ran into Jennnifer Beals on Michigan Avenue, George Foreman on Rush Street, Matt Damon at Carmines Restaraunt.  someone on the tour stated they saw Vince Vaugn, but it was not seen by other people on the tour.

watch for Nite Tours as we open in Los Angeles and New York later this year.  if you ever want to go star gazing while grabbing a few drinks at the most popular nigthlife locations in a city, come hang with Nite Tours in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and also in 2012 London, Paris, Rome