So it is your first time to Las Vegas and you are having a difficult time deciding on what to do and where to start your Las Vegas experience. You can go shopping, sight seeing, eat at the buffets, sit out by the pool or do several other activities. There are multiple activities to choose from during the day that are truly fun and worth every penny; however, that is only the day life experience of Las Vegas. Since this is your first time to Las Vegas it is absolutely necessary that you get the ultimate VIP experience when it comes to the nightlife of the Strip. As a Vegas Virgin it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding where to party at and finding out which club is the hottest spot in Vegas. Well I'm going to make this real simple for you so all you have to do is show up and then your Las Vegas VIP nightclub experience can begin.

In order to party like a Las Vegas Nightclub VIP you must know who to party with. If you and your friends want to experience the Strip like true VIP, then you have to book a Vegas VIP Club Crawl Tour with Las Vegas Night Tours. Las Vegas Night Tours offers the hottest clubs crawl in Sin City that gives its guests the ultimate VIP experience. Well what does it mean to club crawl? Unlike every other guest in town who can only visit one nightclub per night, on the club crawl tour you and your friends will get to go from one location to the next for a total of four different hot clubs and bars in one night. While on the nightclub tour you get to enter some of the hottest nightclubs in town and in between locations you get to party on the hottest Las Vegas party bus. 

Well besides hitting up four different hotspots to party, what else can you get out of Las Vegas Night Tours? As mentioned earlier you and your friends get to party like a Las Vegas VIP. When club crawling with Night Tours you will get VIP nightclub entry, unlimited drinks on the party bus and drink specials at each location, service from VIP hosts, and a wild entertaining night. Instead of paying a ridiculous cover charge at each nightclub and having to wait in line, with Las Vegas VIP nightclub entry you do not have to do either of those two things. For a great price you get to enter four locations line free and as a VIP guest. 

So far this trip is already looking great for a Vegas Virgin. Who wouldn't want to experience the number one nightlife city in the world as a VIP? But to make the offer juicier I'm going to break down where you and your friends will club crawl through. Las Vegas has some of the hottest nightclubs in the world including: Haze, Chateau, Pure, 1OAK, The Bank, and many more. All of these locations are some of the hottest go to locations for multiple celebrities. As a Las Vegas nightclub VIP you and your friends will get to party the night away with all of the celebrities that frequently hit up the clubs. 

If you and your friends want to have the ultimate Las Vegas first time experience then the best plan is to book a Night Tours VIP club crawl. The night will be filled with unlimited drinks, entertainment, VIP service and memories that will make you want to return. Everyone has to give it up at some point in their life so make your first time be in Las Vegas with Night Tours VIP Club Crawl.

Las Vegas Halloween Spooktacular Nightclub Tour
These words evoke a lot of images of celebrities, costumes, scary makeup and wild partying. This “spooktacular” event only happens once a year so it is important that you make the most out of it.

If you have been spending Halloween with your friends at neighborhood parties ever since you can remember, it is definitely time for an upgrade. Splurge and treat yourself to a proper Halloween party – Las Vegas Style.

Dubbed as the party capital of the world, it is not surprising that there are myriad hip nightclubs in Las Vegas aside from fabulous shopping and world-class hotels. Among the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas are Tao, XS, Tryst, 1OAK, LAX, Marquee, Vanity, Pure and Haze Nightclubs just to name a few. There isn’t an event that they host without a significant celebrity turnout. Obviously, all these clubs also throw outrageously fun Halloween parties that attract people from all over the world. This Halloween,  you must finally experience how this yearly event is properly celebrated.

To ensure that you’ll only experience the very best nightlife Vegas  has to offer this Halloween book the Vegas Halloween Spooktacular Nightclub Tour.

Nite Tours is an award-winning and reputable company that will allow you to party in style without having to wait endlessly in lines outside clubs or pay expensive cover charges.

Nite Tours is hosting their highly in-demand tour, Las Vegas Halloween VIP Club Crawl this October 26th and 27th and you should definitely be a part of it. The VIP Club Crawl is the only event you need to attend this Halloween in order to have the best time of your life.

Like what its name denotes, you’ll be the Very Important Person throughout Nite Tour’s Club Crawl. At the start of the night, you will be recognized as a VIP by your very own host for the night by giving you an exclusive Nite Tours wristband and 2-for-1 drinks at an exclusive ultra lounge on the Vegas Strip followed by unlimited drinks in their Vegas party bus all night long.  Don’t forget to don your very special Halloween costume as you’ll be escorted to different exclusive night clubs in Las Vegas all while bypassing long lines as you are escorted through the velvet ropes. So, prepare yourself to be the envy of those individuals standing in those lengthy lines that didn't book a Night Tour
. You’ll be saving a lot of money as well since there’s no need to pay expensive cover charges and taxi fares. It is truly a fun night and you don't have to worry about finding a designated driver.

The best part of Nite Tours' Halloween VIP Crawl Club is their luxury limo party bus. Once aboard their “Nightclub on Wheels”, get ready to party like you haven’t before. There will be a lot of serious dancing, fun games, exciting contests, FREE DRINKS and memorable prizes too.

Book early because the Halloween Spooktacular VIP Club Crawl fills up quickly. So what are you waiting for, party like any celebrity this Halloween in Vegas by contacting Nite Tours now.

Are your Ready for a wild Guys Night Out in Vegas?
All right guys pack your bags, the booze, and extra cash because we are heading to Las Vegas, the hottest party city in the world. That is right, we are going to hit up the most luxurious hotels, casinos, hottest nightclubs and bars that Las Vegas has to offer. Sin City is known for being the ultimate guy get away for the weekend. With the numerous gentlemen clubs, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and casinos no wonder guys enjoy coming to Las Vegas. The city is the ideal dream playground for men of all ages. However, even though Las Vegas has a lot of extremely fun day activities, let's just cut to the chase. The main reason why you and your buddies are coming to Las Vegas is to enjoy the nightlife and all of the perks that come with that including the ladies, drinks, dancing, and other adult fun. Question is: what is the best way to get into the clubs and be around all of that fun? I have just the answer.
If you and your friends want to experience Sin City the right way then the only way to do so is to club crawl with Las Vegas Night Tours. There are a lot of things that most guys are not aware of when they come to Las Vegas. The nightlife in town can be very different than they have ever experienced before. For instance, at nightclubs the entrance fee for guys can range from $20-$50, drinks can start at $20, there must be a 2-1 ratio between girls and guys, and lastly, guys have to stand in line for a while before even entering a club. By booking with Las Vegas Night Tours, you and your friends will not have to worry about a single one of those things mentioned above. When partying with Night Tours you get to experience a great night in a true party atmosphere. Unlike all of those other guys visiting, you and your friends get to club crawl from place to place without standing in lines, with drink specials offered at all locations, no ridiculous cover charges, and no ratios to meet.
So how exactly do you get from place to place? Well unlike having to take a cab or worrying about having a designated driver, instead you get to spend your night on a top-notch party bus. Inside each bus there are seats, stripper poles, lights, surround sound, free drinks and a fun host. The night is nothing but none stop fun. You can select from a preset tour or even customize an all guys’ tour. Throughout the night you will get to party the night away at some of the city’s hottest nightclubs including: Tao, Chateau, The Bank, 1OAK, Pure, LAX, Lavo, and many others. At each location you and your friends can listen to some the hottest DJs in town, meet plenty of attractive ladies, and even come across a few celebrities.
Not everyone can handle the wild and crazy nightlife of Las Vegas however, by booking with Las Vegas Night Tours you and your friends will be able to party the night away without worrying about anything. It will be nothing but the most absolute fun and the ultimate weekend get away. You will experience an insane level of fun that will keep you remembering some things are not meant for Facebook. So pack your bags, call up the guys, book your Vegas Club Crawl Tour, and prepare for one wild ride!

What people are saying about Nite Tours
“Felt like a vip, spent like a bum.”
September 4, 2012
Theres nothing like the feeling of bypassing a huge line at the club. The website was very accurate in what we would be getting. Unlike other tour companies I felt I was well informed on the times throughout the night. I would definitely do it again next time I'm in Vegas.

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Americas Cup San Francisco After Party 2012

“Your Majesty, there is no second.” – This is what Queen Victoria’s aide told her when she asked who came in second place after New York Yacht Club’s vessel, aptly named America, sailed past the Royal Yacht in 1851. From that fateful day on, the schooner America continued to beat other powerful yachts for over 100 years.

When the New York Yacht Club donated the 100 Guinea Cup under a Deed of Gift in 1857, the trophy’s name was changed to America’s Cup. The America’s cup is considered as the most elusive racing boat trophy which makes it even more coveted and prestigious. Since the race started in 1851, only four countries have won the illustrious and oldest trophy. This includes the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia.

If you haven’t witnessed the different countries’ teams in action during the America’s Cup, now is your chance. Head  to San Francisco, California October 2-7, 2012 and be a part of this fast-paced and excited sporting event of all time.

Boating enthusiasts from all over the world will take part in the Americas Cup San Francisco. If you are a fan and would to experience the thrill of being in a race, you should head on out to the City by the Bay.

After watching the powerful sailboats race their way to the finish line, you and your friends could unwind and visit the most buzzing nightclubs in San Francisco. To avoid waiting in line outside the club for hours, make sure to book a Nite Tours Sip Happens Tour - one of the most exclusive nightlife experiences the city has to offer.

Nite Tours is an award-winning company that offers continuous high-quality entertainment that is sought after by both SF locals and tourists alike. Nite Tours brings to you Sip Happens – the only tour you should go on after watching the Americas Cup San Francisco.

The San Francisco SIP Happens Tour lets individuals feel like the champions of the Americas Cup San Francisco – VIPs. The tour will start at Sugar Cafe where a Nite Tour’s host will introduce the guests to one another. Over a round of drinks, the guests will get the chance to know each other a bit better. The guests and the designated host will then proceed to Infusion Nightclub, which is situated in Union Square, for a fun night of dancing and more. Because that is not enough, the San Francisco SIP Happens Tour’s will also visit Vessel, Slide and Ruby Sky night clubs for more fun and games. Hopefully, the participating team members of the Americas Cup San Francisco will all be there too!

People booked on the San Francisco SIP Happens Tour do not have to worry about long lines because Nite Tour's guests receive VIP access to each nightclub on the tour. Each tour guest will receive VIP treatment including free welcome drinks, paid covers and zero line waiting. All they need to think about is what to wear and how to dance.

Don’t stay in your hotel room after the Americas Cup San Francisco. Be a part of the San Francisco Sip Happens tour and have VIP-style fun that only Nite Tours can provide.

Celebrate Halloween like a celebrity with Nite Tours’ Spooktacular VIP event, Friday October 26th & Saturday October 27th!

If you’re going to go anywhere this Halloween, I suggest it be Las Vegas. Known as the biggest costume party in the world, Halloween is one of the most popular weekends in ‘sin-city.’ Of course, with so many new party friends to meet and observe in their Vegas-style costumes, there is a price to pay. The cost? Waiting in line for everything!

Even if you are beautiful, well connected, and breeze to the front of every line at your hometown clubs, don’t expect the same treatment in Las Vegas -- where lines of beautiful people can stretch a mile long!

To avoid ruining your Las Vegas Halloween extravaganza waiting in line, I suggest booking a VIP Spooktacular Club Crawl with Nite Tours. This exclusive service allows you to party like a real celebrity, providing you with a VIP host, party bus, and successive access to 3 A-list Vegas nightclubs… all for less than you’d spend getting mediocre service at 1 B-list club!

The nightclubs will be buzzing with celebrities that step out with unlimited budgets, wearing the most breathtaking costumes you’ve ever seen. Since Club Crawl takes you to 3 different A-list clubs, your chances of bumping shoulders with the hottest names in Hollywood are dramatically increased.

Celebrity Sighting
Heidi Klum is known for her annual Halloween parties in Las Vegas, she’s also known for wearing some of the wildest costumes. Like last year, when she sported a suit that made her look like she had no skin. Pretty wild, can you imagine seeing that out on the street? When club hopping on the party bus, you will be in the middle of the action on the Las Vegas Strip. As always you will enjoy the unlimited (and all-inclusive) beverages all night long on the party bus. 

Other celebrities scheduled to be in Las Vegas around Halloween are Daniel Tosh and Garth Brooks. Both have concerts scheduled on the 26th.  When visiting Vegas at such a popular time, it’s nearly impossible to miss seeing at least one jaw-dropping star or starlet.

Dress to Impress
Of course, wearing a wild costume is even more important than spotting celebs. You will be judged accordingly, winners will receive Spooktacular prizes! Wearing a costume will let out your most playful side, think if it this way: for one night you are someone else entirely.

Meet New People
 All too often you meet someone really attractive and intriguing while waiting in line, only to never see him or her again for the rest of the night. With Nite Tours, this isn’t going to happen. This Halloween, the handsome man or the beautiful woman you meet at Ultra-Lounge—the starting place for the Spooktacular club crawl—will without a doubt grace your presence again; perhaps in between clubs, while dancing and mingling around the fully-loaded party bus. Sparks are sure to fly this Halloween, prepare accordingly.

Have a truly carefree Halloween this October; pick out your costume and come ready to party. Nite Tours will take care of everything else.