The hour is almost upon us when terrifying zombies, risqué angels, superheroes and naughty pirates run wild through Las Vegas. That is right folks; Halloween has finally arrived in Sin City. The time for Las Vegas to show its true sinful side is finally going to be exposed to all locals and tourists on October 31. The street will be filled with an array of characters. Everyone will want to join in the fun activities and overall spirit of Halloween. With so many events and parties going on, the question is where will you choose to sin?
Every well known resort in town will be hosting a Halloween trick o’ treat surprise. Some of the more popular resorts like the Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, Mirage, Encore, Mandalay Bay and a few others will be throwing some of the hottest nightlife events in town. Between the 1OAK Haunted Barn, Hyde and Seek, and the Four Nights of Mayhem, the opportunities are endless for anyone wanting to celebrate Halloween. However, even though the events already listed seem quite interesting and worth your wild, there is still an even better way to spend your Halloween night the city of sin.
Las Vegas Nite Tours is the ultimate go-to club crawl company in the city. This Halloween, Nite Tours Club Crawl will be hitting up the hottest nightclub parties. Nite Tours Club Crawl will be taking its guests through the most VIP exclusive nightlife tour of the Strip. Throughout the night, guests will get to enjoy the dazzling sights of Las Vegas Blvd., drink complimentary beverages and other drink specials at the venues, and dance the night away to the beats of some of the most popular DJs in town. Nite Tours Club Crawl partners with the hottest venues in town like 1OAK, The Bank, Haze, Pure, Chateau, LAX, and Tao. This Halloween season, both Nite Tours Club Crawl and the venues are all working hard to create the most unforgettable Las Vegas nightlife experience.
Now since it is Halloween, Nite Tours Club Crawl is expecting that everyone who comes on the tour to dress up. It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended since everyone else on the Strip will be dressed to impress in their best costumes. Also, at most of the venues there will also be multiple contests and prizes awarded to those who have the best costume(s) and for those who follow the theme of the night. At certain venues there will be themes like Superheroes vs. Villains, Sexiest Female, Scariest Costume, and a few other themes as well. Who knows, you may just have what the nightclubs are looking for and could walk away with as low as $10,000 in cash prizes.
Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in Las Vegas. It gives everyone in town an opportunity to participate in the sinful pleasures of those who either work or live here on a regular basis. There is no other place in the world that can bring the spirit of Halloween to an entire city for the whole night. Las Vegas Nite Tours is looking forward to taking everyone out on the town for one thrilling, sinful and entertaining night. So again I ask where will you choose to sin?
Residents and fans of San Francisco have not been this excited in quite some time. For all of you die hard baseball fans, you are well aware that the World Series has already started. If you are a Giants fan then you are already throwing back the beers and pulling out the grills to BBQ. The World Series is one of the most anticipated sporting events in America. It is when the biggest professional baseball teams match up to play for the title. San Francisco is flooding with fans from all over, and everyone is trying to watch the games and partake in a bit of the action. However, what is everyone going to do once the World Series is over? Well luckily I have just the idea for that.
It is no secret that once the World Series is over, and possibly even before then, fans are going to want to celebrate. All over town there will be endless celebrations throughout almost every venue. Restaurants will be offering delicious deals, clubs will be hosting the wildest parties, and pubs will be pouring shots all night. The World Series is going to bring out the true party side of San Francisco. So, how do I take everything I’ve already said and offer you an even better experience? It is simple. If you and your friends want to experience the best of San Francisco nightlife and hit up the best ultra-exclusive party, then you have to book with San Francisco Nite Tours Club Crawl.
San Francisco Nite Tours Club Crawl is the number one company in the business when it comes to partying and enjoying the nightlife of the city by the bay. Nite Tours Club Crawl will take its guests throughout Union Square to show them one of the hottest spots in town. Union Square is filled with the rich culture of San Francisco. Everything from the delicious food, amazing beverages, and beautiful architecture/ décor can all be experienced and enjoyed when on the tour. Along with the center of Union Square, Nite Tours Club Crawl will be taking you to some of the hottest venues located in the area. These venues are just the perfect spot for a World Series celebration. Every Giants fan will not want to miss out on the wild parties being held at Ruby Skye, Sugar Café, Vessel and the rest of the partners on the line up. All of the fans and other Nite Tours Club Crawl guests will get to drink the night away and dance until they cross home plate.
The World Series is just the beginning of the night, but once the game is over, only San Francisco Nite Tours Club Crawl can offer the ultimate party to celebrate. Giants’ fans are truly going to be in for a grand slam night. This is one party that you and your friends do not want to miss so make sure to grab your jerseys and hats for the game, but your nightclub attire for the tour. Go Giants!
Ladies and gentlemen it has finally arrived. The number one club crawl tour company in Las Vegas has moved to another great party city. San Francisco welcomes Nite Tours Club Crawl to the bay area. Finally the city by the bay will finally have the chance to show off just how wild the nightlife is in northern California. Nite Tours Club Crawl is known for partnering with the hottest venues; so do not expect anything less than the best of the best from San Francisco. So pack your bags and head to San Fran because this is one party you do not want to miss. 

Nite Tours Club Crawl is so excited to bring to its guests the best of what San Francisco nightlife has to offer. The tour will take place in Union Square. This area is very popular amongst the bay area locals and a definite must see for tourists. Throughout Union Square there are multiple restaurants, bars/ pubs and lounges/nightclubs. In each venue guests will get to see a portion of San Francisco culture in either the fresh cuisine, delicious wines and beers, or the upbeat jams of local artists and DJs. Nite Tours Club Crawl will walk everyone through the ultra-exclusive hot spots, which are all located in this one area.   At each venue, there are numerous ways for individuals to enjoy themselves and experience a fabulous night out on the town. All of the venues, lounges and nightclubs, are all very luxurious on the inside and have a beautiful scene of Union Square and other areas of the city. Some of these hot spots include: Sugar Café, Vessel, Ruby Skye and a few others. Each establishment is known for providing some of the best cocktails, wines, beers and other alcoholic beverages in town. While touring with Nite Tours Club Crawl, each guest will have the opportunity to try out some of these delicious and twisted drink specials and other complimentary drinks. Besides drinking, guests will also have the chance to dance the night away to some of the hippest music and beats. Local artists and DJs are always performing in the nightclubs and lounges, allowing tourists and locals to hear the culture of San Francisco through the music.  

Nite Tours Club Crawl is so thrilled to be reaching out and partnering with some the best and hottest party venues in San Francisco. Nite Tours is the number one club crawl tour company in Las Vegas. With Nite Tours’ skills and knowledge of how to party, especially in the Entertainment Capital of the World, every guest booking with San Francisco Club Crawl is guaranteed to have a blast. If you want to have one unforgettable night and see the city by the bay like never before, then you must party with Nite Tours Club Crawl. The possibilities are endless for just how much fun you can have, so pack your bags and head on out to San Francisco because the party is waiting. 

Nite Tours Reviews
“Totally doing this again!!”
November 24, 2012
My boyfriend booked us for the Sip Happen tour in San Francisco for my birthday last Saturday. We were only on our second day in the city when we decided that we were fed up with San Fran and wanted nothing to more to do with it. After debating if we should just cancel our tour and stay in our room for the night we decided to suck it up and give it a try. We had a BLAST! Our tour guide was AWESOME! She was so easy to talk to and totally made up for our horrible time we had previously. All of the clubs were crazy, especially slide! I felt so important cruising up to the VIP and not having to wait in line or pay the extremely high covers! Not to mention the sweet drink deals we got at 3 of the spots (buy one get one free drinks). Not only did Launi take us to all the hottest spots, she clued us in on "local tips" which made our next day in the city much more enjoyable. The nite tour AND Launi made my birthday one of the best yet! Thank you!

Everyone is under the impression that Sundays are meant to be a day for relaxation, family time, church and rest. Well I don’t know where you folks are from, but in the city that never sleeps, Sundays are a strict NFL Football game and party day. No matter who your favorite team is, everyone joins together at local bars and pubs to celebrate and cheer for the number one game of pigskin tossing, receiving, and tackling. Nearly at every bar and pub in Las Vegas, fans can find the best happy hour and game day deals to partake in. However, once the head bashing game is over, what do fans do next and where do they go? Well in Las Vegas the number one after party club crawl tour company knows just how to solve the problem.

Las Vegas Nite Tours is the number one club crawl tour company that promises and guarantees the best after parties one can only dream of. Throughout the night, Nite Tours Club Crawls will take the guests on the most exciting nightlife experience of the Strip. Fans will get to hit up the wildest after parties at some of the hottest nightclubs and lounges in town. Nite Tours only works with the best venues in town, so fans can be assured that they will have an awesome time. 

As of now, the fall line-up is as followed: Lily Lounge (Bellagio), The Bank (Bellagio), Gallery (Planet Hollywood) and last is Pure (Caesar’s Palace). All of these venues are absolutely fabulous venue partners and are some of the best industry leaders. When partying with Nite Tours Club Crawls, fans can look forward to be treated like celebrity athlete VIPs at all of the venues listed. At Lily Lounge, fans can continue their happy hour with 2-for-1 drink specials and meet their club crawl VIP Host. Then, for the rest of the evening, fans will get to party at all of the nightclubs listed. In order to get to the other nightclubs, guests will ride on the hottest party bus transportation in Las Vegas. On each party bus, roaring fans will get to drink more complimentary beverages, entertain themselves on the stripper poles and reminisce on the awesome win from earlier in the day. Once the party bus reaches the nightclub, fans will receive VIP access (no line/ no cover), enjoy the most popular music and beats, and even more drink specials.

Sundays can either be a day for rest and family, or they can be a day to celebrate NFL Football and party like animals. Whether the game is a victory or devastation, every fan will still be excited to continue in the evening activities that only Nite Tours Club Crawls can offer. Sundays can now be the beginning of the week, filled with fun, entertainment, athletics, and alcohol. Just remember that if you are coming to the after party with Nite Tours Club Crawls, the pigskins have to be left at home and only game faces are allowed on the party bus. 

Nite Tours' Reviews
“Must Do in Vegas”
October 18, 2012
It is such an easy way to have a great time at crowed but fun clubs. You have fun at each club and have a great time on the bus each time I party with Nite Tours. Colton is a great host that works for Nite Tours. Highly advise that you request Colton as your host.

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Saddle up all you cowboys and cowgirls because the Entertainment Capital of the World is bringing to you the biggest showdown of man versus bull. That is right, starting October 24 through October 28, the Thomas & Mack Center is proud to host the 2012 Professional Bull Riding World Championship. The season finale will consist of the top 40 bull riders from all over the world. Each rider will take on some of the best wild bucking bulls from the U.S. in hopes to outlast the 8 long and terrifying seconds. The winner is crowned the new PBR Champion and gets to take home $1 million. Everything is at stake and only one 150 lb. man will be able to beat every 2000 lb. beast that he rides. This is going to be one wild ride. Yee-haw!

Since everyone will be coming to town to watch or ride a bull themselves, why not continue the adrenaline ride but instead on one of Las Vegas’ Nite Tours party buses? Las Vegas Nite Tours is the only company on the Strip that uses the most elite and top of the line party bus transportation. Each party bus is designed to provide the ultimate mini party for its guests. Inside there are bright colorful lights, popping music, comfortable seating, ice coolers filled with complementary drinks, several stripper poles and a rocking VIP Host. The fun is non-stop and that is only the beginning.

So where will y’all be going on this wild bucking party bus ride? Well, the party bus will be taking you and its other riders on the most unforgettable Las Vegas nightlife experience. Throughout the night the party bus will take its riders on the wildest club crawl tour that only Las Vegas Nite Tours can provide. All y’all cowboys and cowgirls will have to hang up your boots for the night and bring out your heels and shoes in order to experience the best of what Las Vegas nightclubbing has to offer. Y’all will start of your night at one of Las Vegas’ hottest and exclusive ultra-lounges where y’all can enjoy 2-for-1 drink specials. Then afterwards y’all will hitch a ride on the party bus to get to your next location. For the rest of the evening all of y’all wild riders will get to experience the best nightlife showdown of your lives. Y’all will get to hit up some of the hottest and most renowned nightclubs located on the Strip. Nite Tours works with only the best venues in town which include: Tao, 1OAK, Marquee, Chateau, The Bank, Pure, Haze, Lavo, and many more. At all of these locations everyone will receive only the best VIP nightclub experience which includes no line/ no cover access, drink specials, the chance to party with certain celebrities, and a night on the town that you will never forget. 

PBR week will be the reason why y’all come to Las Vegas, but after one wild evening with Las Vegas Nite Tours Party Bus and the club crawling tour that you experience, that will be the reason why y’all will want to return over and over again. The ride will definitely be longer than 8 seconds, but your ride on the party bus will be just as wild and entertaining as it is on the bull. So pack your bags, grab your boots, your cowboy/girl hat, and your nightclub attire and head on out to Las Vegas for PBR week. Nite Tours Party bus will be waiting for any of you risk takers who think you can handle a bull and a wild bucking party all in the same day.

Nite Tours' Reviews
“Angelia was awsome!!”
October 10, 2012
What a fabulous time I had went to Vegas for a Birthday Party and this was the best time! Our host Angelia made everyone at ease and ready to party! I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to see all the best clubs in Vegas!!

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What better way to start the year off right than with the 30th Annual Las Vegas AVN Awards Show! On Saturday January 19, 2013 all of the hottest males and most beautiful females from the adult entertainment industry will be in town to celebrate 3 decades in the making. Throughout the night multiple awards and honors will be granted to all of those individuals who have reached the highest achievements in the adult industry. Entertainment Weekly dubbed this event as “the Oscars of the adult” due to the extravagant star-studded ceremony and the stylish red carpet pre-show. The Las Vegas 2013 AVN Awards Show is an absolute must-see and must-attend event. This year the Las Vegas AVN Awards will be hosted by the ever so lovely Jesse Jane and Asa Akira. Both of these ladies are extremely beautiful and well-known throughout the industry for all of their work and accomplishments. Another bonus of attending the Las Vegas 2013 AVN Awards Show is that this year there will be a live performance from one of the hottest most current artist: Tyga.
The Las Vegas 2013 AVN Awards Show is going to be the ultimate kick-off party for the year. People will be arriving from all over in order to attend one of Las Vegas’ sexiest and most entertaining awards shows on the Strip. For 30 years now, the AVN Awards Show has made home of just about every major hotel located here in Las Vegas. On Saturday January 19, the Las Vegas 2013 AVN Awards Show will make home to a new location at The Joint, located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. 

Even though the AVN Awards Show will kickoff at The Joint, the next question is where will the after party take place? Well since the Las Vegas 2013 AVN Awards Show is a VIP event, it is only essential that the after party take place with Las Vegas Night Tours VIP Tour. Las Vegas Night Tours is the number one VIP party tour company located on the Strip. Throughout the night the party bus will take its guest to 4 VIP nightclubs and bars. At each location, all of the guest will receive nothing but a Night Tours VIP experience. No matter if the venue is 1OAK, Chateau, Pure, Haze, Tao, The Bank, Vanity or one of the other VIP venues in town, the guests will be treated like an exclusive member by having a Las Vegas VIP nightclub entrance with no waiting in line, no cover charges, unlimited drink specials and even more free drinks on the party bus.  

The night will be filled with nothing but the best entertainment and numerous amounts of alcohol. The Las Vegas Night Tours VIP Tour will be the most memorable Las Vegas experience that anyone could ever have. It will be the perfect after party for the Las Vegas 2013 AVN Awards Show. The Las Vegas AVN Awards Show tickets are now available and will sell out quickly along with the Las Vegas Night Tours VIP Tour so make sure to book everything in advance. On Saturday January 19, 2013 Las Vegas nightlife will be defined to the fullest with hot celebrities, VIP guests, drinks, and music so do not miss out on this great opportunity to kick-off 2013 the right way.
Calling out to all NBA basketball fans, preseason is already amongst us. There are already roaring crowds traveling from all over to get sneak peeks of what this year’s season may have in store. The smell of sweat, blood and tears are already in the air, attracting more and more fans to come out and support the hottest team to watch this 2012- 2013 season. The Los Angeles Lakers are coming back stronger than ever this season bringing the most must-watch talent that fans have not seen in decades. On Friday, October 19, head coach Mike Brown is bringing the hottest team of the league to the entertainment capital of the world for all to see the outstanding returners and to introduce the newest members added to the roster.  
On Friday night at 7pm, all of those who live in Las Vegas and all of those visiting are going to be in for one real big treat. The Thomas & Mack Center is proud to host a preseason game between the LA Lakers versus the Sacramento Kings. This preseason game will bring Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace back to the court and introduce the new gold and purple teammates Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Las Vegas is in for a treat like no other.

The game itself is going to be nothing but pure entertainment and excitement for the entire crowd. However, the question is what will fans do once the game comes to an end? Well that is simple: attend an after party. Las Vegas Nite Tours is the number one company on the Strip that offers the best nightlife experience on the hottest source of transportation. Las Vegas Club Crawls is the ultimate way to after party once the game comes to an end. Las Vegas Nite Tours works with some of the hottest A-list venues in town including nightclubs such as: Tao, Pure, 1OAK, Chateau, The Bank, XS, Haze and bars/lounges such as: the Foundation Room, Gold Lounge, V Bar, and Tabu. Throughout the evening Nite Tours Club Crawls will take its guests to multiple locations where everyone will be treated like a celebrity athlete. At all of the venues, the guests will get to party like a celebrity by not having to deal with waiting in lines, paying cover charges, enjoying 2-for-1 drink specials, and drinking more complimentary drinks on the party bus. No matter what the lineup is for the night, Las Vegas Nite Tours guarantees to provide the best nightlife experience and after party that one only dreams of having in Las Vegas.

There is no better way to kick off the basketball season than coming to Las Vegas to watch the 16-time NBA Champions prepare for another great season. This is a must-attend LA Lakers weekend event for all fans. Once the game is complete, Las Vegas Nite Tours will continue the fun by providing the best after party for all true Laker fans. Tickets are now on sale for both the game and Nite Tours Club Crawls so be sure to book soon because this is one party you gold and purple fans do not want to miss. 

“The best way to party and meet people in Vegas”
 My night on the party bus almost got me married... literally! The night started at the Hard Rock with 2for1 drink specials and drifted into the club inside the HR. Girls drank for free until 12 and we left at 12:20. When we got to the bus .. drinks were waiting and the music kept the party going. Our guide Angelia was super sweet and kept everyone on time. I wasn't a fan of the club LAX.. too crowded for my tastes but fun. Each bus ride got crazier and crazier.. I made more friends on that bus then I can remember! One of the woman even came for a visit out to LA after her Vegas trip was over.. who does that? People that ride the party bus!! Nite Tours is amazing and by far the most fun you can legally have in Vegas. 

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Las Vegas Night Tourse Goretorium Club Crawl

It is that time of year again were the Halloween spirit comes out. The smell of fall is in the air, pumpkins are everywhere and entertaining costumes are found all over the place. However, in Las Vegas we take the meaning of Halloween to a completely different level. Las Vegas becomes the ideal version of Sin City during the Halloween festivities. Locals and tourists gather from all over to celebrate in the horrific and frightening activities located throughout the city. Haunted houses and other creepy exhibits are set up all over at various locations for people to come and enjoy a little terror. All of those haunted houses are amateurs though when compared to Las Vegas’ newest attraction, Eli Roth’s Goretorium is the newest walk through exhibit located on the Strip. This new attraction is going to bring horror and gruesome to a whole new meaning this Halloween season.

Eli Roth, in case you are not familiar with him, is the director of the ghastly movies “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever”. Both of these movies have a huge amount of gruesome sights, sounds and effects. Well just like it is seen in his movies, Eli Roth is bringing his vision to the Goretorium exhibit. Walking through Las Vegas’ newest attraction is going to be like walking through one of Eli Roth’s films. The Goretorium is going to have a very historical theme to it. Eli Roth is going to bring a modern twist to the original horror story of Las Vegas. Almost 50 years ago the Delmont Hotel is where the original gruesome events took place. There were numerous disappearances of hotel guests who came to stay in Las Vegas. The owners of the hotel use to target guests in order to satisfy their cannibalistic fantasies. They would drug the guests and feed other unsuspected guests certain parts of the humans that they had just massacred. This is one of Las Vegas’ most terrifying stories and Eli Roth is bringing it back to life but with a few minor details added. 

The Las Vegas Goretorium is going to be the most intense live terror experience anyone can encounter this Halloween season. However what makes this new attraction even better is that it will be joining the fall line-up for Las Vegas’ Night Tours as a new venue. This multi-level exhibit will be added to the beginning of Las Vegas Night Tours Goretorium Club Crawls. Before entering the Goretorium, guests will be able to meet their VIP Host in the Baby Dolls Lounge and enjoy 2-for-1 drinks. After experiencing the terrifying exhibit, guests will then continue the night and go to two famous A-list nightclubs and another ultra-lounge. Hopefully with all of the fun in the nightclubs and on the party bus, the guests will be able to erase the vivid images from the Goretorium.

Las Vegas Night Tours Goretorium Club Crawls will be the best experience that one can encounter this Halloween season. The Goretorium and the Las Vegas Club Crawl will be something you have never seen nor experienced before. If you want to celebrate a true terrifying and fun Halloween, then you and your friends must book your Las Vegas Night Tours Goretorium Club Crawl today. It will be a ticket straight to hell so make sure to bring a strong stomach and prepare yourself for a walk through the mind of Eli Roth.