A lot of people say things like “I can get into any club in Vegas”. “I found a company that is cheaper”. Or the best one is “there is a company that is better than Nite Tours”.  My answer is always the same, try them then give us a call after you are disappointed with them!!!  Our competitors base their entire company on what Nite Tours next move is.  Everyone follows the leader, so they don’t have to think.  Sad thing is that these companies are not able to offer what Nite Tours does for the client such as A rated clubs, quality service and value that Nite Tours is proud to offer after 21 years of service.  We are a strict company, we only wants the best tour hosts, the top of the line executives and only the best luxury buses so our clients receive the best experience in night life in Las Vegas!!!

Back in the day, there was no such thing as a club crawl when Nite Tours opened our doors in Las Vegas in 1996, and if there was they offered pub tours as no one could get into the clubs (and we bought that company out).  Nite Tours is not only the pioneer of the club crawl Globally, but the innovator of what you see today in all Las Vegas club crawls which is basically an all inclusive deal with unlimited drinks on the luxury limo buses, tour hosts, VIP access, all cover paid, etc…Nite Tours also priced the tours below the average club entrance, as back in the day VIP hosts were making $100 per head just to get you into a club like PURE or LAX.  Today Night Tours works closely with club hosts and club owners to offer only the best night life experience.  But we do have copy cats and I want to address them in this blog!

I am going to give you an comparison to purchasing club crawls in Vegas and I am going to name my competition so you know exactly what you get. I have NOTHING TO HIDE, so you know exactly what you are getting from all of the club crawl companies in Las Vegas.  Here is what Nite Tours is all about and then our competition to compare, you be the judge…


Nite Tours

What they offer:
All ViP Club Crawls $79 women receive an open bar to start the night and men get unlimited 2for1’s. VIP Access to 3 clubs, all cover paid, all clubs are Triple A rated (meaning only the best clubs such as TAO, Marquee, PURE, LAX, Chateau, Surrender, XS, Haze, LAVO, etc).  Luxury Limo bus with unlimited selection of beverages, wristband, VIP host to take care of you all night long and passes to after hours clubs for free. 

Other Tours offered:
 - Nite Tours offers a walking tour “Sip Happens” for only $19 (after $20 online rebate) that goes to all “B” rated clubs such as Coyote Ugly, Dicks Last Resort, Tabu, Studio 54, and LAX. Where you get a free drink along the way at each location except the night clubs
 - Nite Tours offers a walking Club Crawl to “A”Rated clubs for only $39 (after $20 online rebate) to clubs such as Haze, Chateau, Gallery, Bank, and PURE
 - Nite Tours offers Charter services, where you can rent our buses hourly with a fully stocked bar.
 - Bachelor and Bachelorette packages

 - Champagne Rock & Roll Tour, see the city by night while sipping on champagne
 - Other cities offer Ghost Tours and tours that highlight the cities cool nightlife.

Who sells the company products
Nite Tours is the only company who is sold on:  Hotels.com, Orbitz, Expedia, Best Day, Trip Res, Tourico and over 120 Partners world wide

Proud Success
 - Nite Tours owns their own Luxury Limo buses and the largest fleet in Las Vegas each bus is fully equipped to be a night club on wheels
 - Nite Tours luxury buses we call night clubs on wheels are fully stocked with unlimited beverages that are complimentary

 - Nite Tours has won over 11 Prestigious Tourism and Business Awards in North America
 - Nite Tours started operations in Canada over 21 years ago
 - Nite Tours operates in several US cities and opening in Europe and Asia, making Nite Tours the number one nightlife provider in the world
 - Nite Tours offers different tours to suit different budgets and needs such as Champagne Rock & Roll Tour, Walking Club Crawl, Sip Happens and others…
 - Nite Tours and Night Tours Global Trade Mark with WIPO
 - Nite Tours guides are certified and have a Tam card so they can serve your drinks on the buses
 - Nite Tours has a full call center and evening Managers to ensure that your tour is perfect from the time you book to the time you get home safely
 - Nite Tours works closely with all owners of all night clubs in each city
 - All tours are updated quarterly to add new clubs to our evening line ups.  Each night is a different tour so you can go more than once

4 Star Rating Trip Advisor over 111 Ratings
16,000 clients per month in Las Vegas on Nite Tours

Las Vegas Club Crawls

What they offer
 - $89 you receive “B” rated clubs that anyone can get into such as Coyote Ugly, Tabu, Dicks Las Resort.  They offer finger foods and a drink in each location. 
 - They only have one tour and this club crawl is a walking tour NO Bus
 - No certification with tour hosts
 - No afterhours manager or call center to take care of clients

Who sells the company products
 - They market through online website
 - No partners selling their tours online that we can find

Proud Success
 - Company founder is from Vancouver Canada, in Vegas for 1 year.  Does well in Vancouver, Canada with his club crawls.
 - Tour is always the same line up

4 Star Rating on Trip Advisor 48 reviews

 - Small number of clients on tour each month

Vegas Night Tours.com (funny how they have to copy our name)

$49 tour to “B” rated clubs such as Foundation Room, Coyote Ugly and if you want to finish at an “A” rated club you have to pay an additional $30 which makes the tour $79 for 1 – A rated club.  You get limo service with a free shot on the bus as you go from club to club

Other Tours Offered:
 - VIP Services into clubs with no line and all covered paid.  No price listed
 - Bachelorette Club Crawl that is outdated starting at Rogue, then to Tabu, Christian Audigier, Rum Jungle None of these clubs exist anymore.

Who Sells their company products:
No one that we can find, as their site is outdated and the clubs they work with our outdated and closed

Proud Success:
Copying Nite Tours name and spelling it Night Tours

NO Rating on any forums
Not sure of how many people on their tours per month

Now you know who our competition is…I am not saying they are good or bad, I am just pointing out the obvious for you to see.  If you have any questions on our tours or have any feedback, we would love to hear from you.  it is very important to us that we are the leaders in Night Life Tourism Products and only YOU can make us number 1…Thank you again to the 200,000 clients that visit Nite Tours and entrust their nightlife experience with us!

 Nite Tours only works with the most elite clubs, we train the best tour hosts and we purchase the most luxurious limo buses. 

Nite Tours is known for its partnerships with TAO Group, SBE, Angel Management and Light Group, which own the most exquisite clubs in the world such as Marquee, TAO, LAVO, HAZE, PURE, 1OAK, HYDE, LAX, CHATEAU, GALLERY (etc) and hip ultra-lounges such as Gold, Eye Candy, The MIX, and many others.  When you go on a Nite Tour, you know that you are purchasing a tour that only offers the best night clubs in the world.  Nite Tours partnerships are so strong, that Nite Tours clients get first priority VIP access to the clubs on any Nite Tour.  But it is not just a business relationship, Nite Tours has many friends in the night life business around the world that take care of our clients from Germany and Paris to New York, and Las Vegas!

Nite Tours Tour hostess make the night perfect for you in every way.  Not only are they making sure the tour runs on time, but they are always making sure you are laughing and having fun.  Nite Tours hosts leave you memories that will last a lifetime so you will return again and again.  They do work for tips, so they will work extra hard to make sure you're happy.  Each tour host is hand-picked for comical satire as well as for quality and service.  Nite Tours always looks for strong, outgoing, ethical people who care about the company and your experience with Nite Tours.

Nite Tours buses are built from the ground up.  We take newer MCI and Prevost buses and gut the bus of all interior.  We then architect the interior to match some of today’s hottest nightclubs.  When going on a Nite Tour you will notice stand up bars, dance floors, laser light shows, 70” flat screen televisions showing todays hottest music videos.  Nite Tours sound system is one of the largest components, we focus on for quality with just the rights highs and lows.  You will also notice the leather seating is extremely comfortable, but always at the perfect angles so you see what is going on at all times.

The Nite Tours office staff is also hand-picked to offer quality and service.  Our front line people are extremely knowledgeable with all of our Nite Tours products worldwide and will help you select a tour that is perfect for you.  Nite Tours will always try and match you up with people with same interests and ages…you will meet people from around the world on Nite Tours.

Nite tours focus is to offer a quality service nightlife tour, that is entertaining and value for your dollar

Nite Tours is considered the elite nightlife provider, offering club crawls to the hottest nightclubs in the city on our  VIP Club Crawls .  As Nite Tours continues to be a leader in the nightlife arena, the company needs to stay ahead of the curve by always reinventing itself with quality and luxury. If you have never been on a Nite Tour, you will notice a few things that stand out.
  • Service. Your tour hosts make sure your evening is perfect.  
  • Value.  Nite Tours takes pride in offering a tour package that is far less than you can do on your own.
  • Quality.  You will always be in the best nightlife in a city and on the most luxurious limo buses.
Nite Tours has the most luxurious limo buses, which we like to call the nightclubs on wheels.  The reason we call it that is that there is no difference between our luxury limo buses and a nightclub, although we have been told Nite Tours is better than a nightclub…remember our luxury limo buses are taking you to the hottest nightlife, so we HAVE TO BE just as attractive.  At Nite Tours, your transportation is better than a nightclub, and here is why

                              Nite Tours                  Nightclub

Stand Up Bar                     X                           X
Dance floor                       X                           X
Stripper pole                     X
Free beverages                 X
Leather seating                 X                           X  (additional charge to sit)
Games and Fun                 X
Laser Light Show              X                           X
Fog machine                     X
Big Screen TV’s                 X                           X

Nite Tours only deals with MCI and Prevost buses 2008 and newer.  We take the complete inside of each motor coach and turn it into a luxury nightclub on wheels.  We start with the leather seating (some areas are pleather for wear and tear) with a design that is functional for clients to sit comfortably and also for movability. We then focus on the dance floor and stripper poles, so everyone has a chance to watch or get up and dance on the poles and dance floor.  At that time we focus on the sound and the strategic points we need the highs and the big bass lows.  With that comes the large 52” flat screens to watch what is going on outside or a music video.  Last but not least is the bar location and the flow of getting your complimentary beverages while enjoying the ride.   When you enter a Nite Tours luxury nightclub on wheels, it will stun you! 

The Nite Tours luxury limo bus ride is worth the tour price all on its own!!!  Have fun and we look forward to seeing you on Nite Tours!

It is no surprise that Nite Tours' reviews are over the top, after all our CEO, Darin Feth has been doing this for over 21 years and has earned the reputation as a leader in the nightlife industry.  Our CEO knows how to take your nightlife experience and make it one that you will be talking about for years. Just read our reviews. 

Your night begins at an ultra lounge and then you head to three of the hottest nightclubs in the city on our signature party bus. Yes, the best part of the night according to our guests is the party bus. How could it not be, our party buses are equipped with a full-service stand up bar, lit up dance floor, laser light show with fog machine,  the ultimate stripper pole (great photo op of your friends) that changes colors as you dance, 52-inch screen TVs that play the latest music videos complete with a sound system that rivals any Vegas nightclub.

As you enter the next hot nightclub in the city  you and your new Nite Tours' friends  are escorted into the nightclub through the VIP entry, no cover, no lines. According to our guests, there is no better way to experience some of the hottest cities than on a Nite Tour. Three of the hottest clubs in the city and transportation between the clubs on our signature party bus, as many of our guests call it the "nightclub on wheels".  

Experience it for yourself! 
Las Vegas known for some of the hottest nightlife in the world and home to the most spectacular nightclubs welcomes two new clubs on New Year’s Eve 2011- Hyde Bellagio and 1OAK will open their doors in less than two weeks.

Hyde Lounge located on the Sunset Strip has expanded and is making its way to the Las Vegas Strip. Hyde Bellagio Nightclub located at the Bellagio is one of Vegas’ newest clubs on the Vegas Strip. This new 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor club offers floor-to-ceiling windows, and 40 VIP tables. The focal point of this club is the expansive terrace, which overlooks Las Vegas' most celebrated landmark, the Fountains of Bellagio. This new club was designed by by Sbe, the number one nightclub operator in Los Angeles and globally acclaimed design icon Philippe Starck. sbe Founder, Chairman and CEO Sam Nazarian.

Hyde Bellagio offers an exclusive early-evening experience from 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm, that highlights an intriguing menu of small plates from Circo and an award-winning mixology. After 11:00 pm, Hyde Bellagio evolves into Vegas' hottest nightlife destination, including 40 VIP tables, a diverse rotation of DJs and live performances.

1OAK located in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood opened its door in 2008 and instantly became one of the hottest spots in Manhattan. Nearly three years later the iconic 1OAK makes its way to the Las Vegas Strip. One of the newest nightclubs on the Vegas Strip will encompass 15,685 square feet, two distinct rooms each with a private bar, DJ booth, and a state-of-the-art sound system by Avalon Sound. This venue will feature the original artwork of Roy Nachum.

1OAK will open its door on New Year’s Eve 2012 inside the Mirage. The New Year’s Eve Party will be hosted by GRAMMY® award-winning, artist, singer and songwriter Fergie and party-goers will dance the night away to the beats of New York Native, DJ Jesse Marco.

This highly anticipated New Year’s Eve Party will mark the pre-cursor to the nightclub’s grand opening slated for January 27, 2012. 

Over 300,000 people will head to Vegas on New Year’s Eve to ring in 2012. Some of the best parties in the world will be held in Vegas on New Year’s Eve hosted by the hottest celebrities around. The Vegas New Year’s Eve lineup includes Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Bruno Mars, and LMFAO just to mention a few.

Kim Kardashian will host the New Year’s Eve party at TAO nightclub. Tickets to TAO New Year’s Eve party include hors d’oeuvres and an open bar from 9 pm – 11 pm, followed by a champagne toast at midnight to ring in 2012. Tickets include access to LAVO nightclub at the Palazzo after midnight.

Grammy nominated LAMFO will host the New Year’s Eve party at Haze Nightclub at ARIA. LAMFO known for their smash hit Party Rock Anthem and their newest hit, “I am Sexy and I know It”. Tickets are $125 per person for the party that begins at 9:00 pm and the party goes all night long.

Be among the first VIP guests to experience the newest nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip. -1OAK.  The highly anticipated grand opening of 1OAK inside the Mirage Casino and Resort will take place on New Year’s Eve. This New Year’s Eve Party will be hosted by GRAMMY® award winning artist, singer and songwriter, Fergie and New York Native, DJ Jesse Marco will keep the party going until the early morning hours. After becoming a New York City hotspot located in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood, 1OAK is expanding and opening in Vegas. This new Vegas trendy nightclub is sure to become one of the hottest clubs on the Vegas strip.

Vegas is also hosting many pre and post New Year’s Eve Parties as well if you would rather celebrate the New Year without the large crowds on New Years’ Eve. On Friday, December 30 Grammy Nominated DJ/Producer Dirty South will be hosting the party at TAO. André Tanneberger aka Atb will host the pre New Year’s Eve party at Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan, Laidback Luke is in the House at HAZE Nightclub, Lil Jon and Sidney Samson will be appearing at Surrender, and Sebastian Ingrosso will make an appear at XS.

In addition, Nite Tours is offering the Holiday Nutcracker Tour for a special rate of $59. This nightclub tour gives you access to three of the hottest nightclubs on the Vegas strip, a VIP host, no cover and no lines. All of this in addition to our Vegas party bus also known as our nightclub on wheels. Book Now! This is a limited time offer! Use promo code: VIP20 at checkout to save $20.

Ever visit a city ready to “Let Loose” and then you find out that your whole night/vacation was ruined by going to the wrong places?  The Concierge tells you a place that is great for him or her, but not for you.  Or maybe your friends recommended a place that was cool when they visited, but now it is a creepy dive!

This is why Nite Tours continually creates new innovative tours so ONLY YOU see the best nightlife in a city.  Imagine walking up to a top club that has 700 people in a line up, and you get whisked right in like you are Robert Downey Jr or Lady Ga Ga!  This is why Nite Tours is so successful, but it does’nt stop there.  Imagine your whole evening is like this as you pull up in a luxury limo bus to visit several venues in a night.  Usually it would take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to get into these clubs, but you are only waiting 2 to 5 minutes. To be honest, that is not even the best feature on a Nite Tours, it is the people!!!  You will be hanging out with people from around the world, partying, dancing and laughing as if you have been friends for 5 years. 

Whether your single, married, with a friend, a bachelorette party or even a corporate/convention retreat Nite Tours offers class style and good times.  Each tour is hosted by “Hand Picked” Tour Hosts that only offer Quality and Service.  Your Nite Tours VIp Hosts are the life of the party and their job is to make sure you have the best time of your life!!!  The Nite Tours VIP Hosts offer engaging games, dance contests, and most of all make sure you are whisled in and out of the venues in a safe entertaining environment.

Who usually goes on Nite Tours?  It depends what you are looking for, our club crawlers are ages 21 to 45.  Our Sip Happens where you taste drinks from around the world is usually 33-59 age bracket…but it is all about how YOU FEEL, you can go on any tour and have the time of your life and Let Loose!!!

Are you ready to experience the ultimate Las Vegas nightlife? What better way than on a Nite Tours’ Party Bus. We believe that the party needs to get started as soon as you step foot onto the party bus that’s why our party bus which seats up to 48 people comes fully equipped to meet your every need.

Our party buses are equipped with a full-service stand up bar, laser light show with fog machine, lit up dance floor, a stripper pole that changes colors as you dance, 52 inch screen TVs that play the latest music videos complete with a sound system that rivals any Vegas nightclub.

When it comes to Vegas nightlife, Nite Tours is the expert in the field. With over 21 years experience in the nightclub industry, we know how to do it right.

So whether it’s a Private Vegas Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, a Jack and Jill party or any other special occasion Nite Tours has the perfect party bus to make your night out in Vegas exceed your expectations.

If it’s not a private party that you are looking for try our number one rated Nite Tours VIP Club Crawl, where our party bus takes you to three of the hottest Vegas nightclubs, where your personal VIP host will get you VIP entry into the club so there is no waiting in line and no cover. Our Vegas nightclub schedule changes often, so it is a good idea to check out the latest schedule at NiteTours.com.

Our party bus runs seven days a week. Rumor has it, the best part of the night is our Vegas party bus as many of our customers refer to it as the “nightclub on wheels”.

In addition to our 48 passenger party bus, Nite Tours offers a full selection of Limousine Buses from 10 Passenger Super Stretch, 14-22 passenger Hummerzine, 26-33 passenger Limo buses, and 35-48 passenger full luxury limousine coach. 

To book your private party, call the Nite Tours Sales Office at 702.877.6483 email Sales@NiteTours.com

Are you ready to ring in the New Year in Las Vegas? We all know that the place to be seen on New Year’s Eve is Las Vegas. That’s why over 300,000 people come to Vegas each year to celebrate New Years. After all it is the most exciting city in the world and when you combine that with the best night of the year you have a night to remember! The 2011-2012 New Year’s Eve Celebration promises to be hotter than ever with Fergie, Chris Brown, LMFAO, Bruno Mars and more appearing at the hottest nightclubs in Vegas. The city will be hopping with top name celebrities and hundreds of thousands of party-goers in the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas!

Nite Tours believes that building up to the big night takes practice so that’s why we are offering our Nite Tours Holiday Nutcracker at a discounted rate. For only $59 you can party in three A-List nightclubs with your own VIP host, no waiting in lines for 45 minutes, no cover. Party like a rock star on our luxurious party bus complete with a bar, flat screen TVs and party lights.  Our guests  tell us the best part of the night is our party bus!

Book Today! Space is limited. Use promo code: VIP20 at checkout to save $20.