There are many things that the New Year will bring upon us including the number one technology-related tradeshow in the world: CES. Las Vegas nightlife is proud to welcome everyone who will be arriving in town to participate in the Consumer Electronics Show. With its history of four successful decades, there is no surprise that this year will turn out fabulous yet again. The Las Vegas Convention Center is getting ready to host previews of thousands of products and product announcements for the upcoming year and future. CES reaches out to all major and minor companies to open up global markets and connect several industries as well. Anyone who is anyone in the world of technology will be in town, which means that the Las Vegas nightlife must put on its best show as well.
With the thousands of business men and women who will be in town for this 4-day show, you can guarantee that there will be something fun awaiting them after the show. The Las Vegas nightlife is unlike anywhere else in the world, and unlike other party cities, Vegas knows how to cater to the business industry individuals. There are several nightclub venues in town that host one industry night a week to reach out to the locals and business travelers. What better way to have a night out on the town after CES than by having some nightclub fun?
Well there is actually a way for anyone in town for CES to see the best of what Las Vegas nightlife has to offer. Las Vegas Nite Tours Club Crawl is the number one company in the nightclub partying industry. Nite Tours partners with the hottest nightclub venues ranging from Haze, 1OAK, Tao, Pure, Chateau, Lavo, The Bank, Hyde, LAX, and plenty more hotspot venues. All of these partners help create a fun and unbelievable evening for anyone on the Nite Tours Club Crawl. Only with Nite Tours can guests experience these select venues in VIP fashion (no cover/no lines) and also receive certain 2-for-1 drink specials. Also, at certain nightclubs there will be local headliner DJs spinning the most popular music hits and throwing in a few oldies.
Partying and dancing the night away in the nightclubs is only the beginning of an evening with Nite Tours. Aside from getting to enjoy the hottest kick-it spots on the Strip, guests will also get to take a ride on the Nite Tours Party Bus. This Party Bus is unlike you have ever seen before. Inside there is plenty of comfortable seating, multiple stripper poles, unlimited/complimentary beverages, and more jamming music. So while the group is switching venues the party never stops!
CES is going to be the biggest convention in town of the year. It is a technology-showcase that is going to have plenty of business yet very limited fun. So that is where Las Vegas Nite Tours can step in and take care of the pleasure side to this trip. After all what is a trip to Las Vegas without partaking in the fun nightlife?
As you all know, Martin Luther King Weekend is just around the corner. That means that you and your friends must start planning now to make your way out to Las Vegas for a fabulous weekend of fun and activities. MLK Weekend will be the first time that all of the best Vegas clubs will be back up and running and open to everyone. Due to the sold out NYE parties, the AVN After-Parties, and the CES After-Parties, this will be the ultimate chance for everyone else to get back into the hottest venues on the Strip to party hard and drink the night away.
This MLK Weekend can turn out better than any other weekend you and your friends have ever had. It is simple. All you have to do is book with Las Vegas Nite Tours and go on one of their VIP Club Crawl Tours. Throughout the night, your VIP Host will take you and your friends to several of the best Vegas clubs and nightlife venues in town. You and your friends will have the opportunity to party in multiple nightlife venues as opposed to just one. Nite Tours is the number club crawling nightlife company in town who partners with the best Vegas clubs in town. Some of these venues include: Haze, Lavo, Tao, 1OAK, The Bank, Hyde, Chateau, Moon, LAX, Pure, and several others. At all of these venues there are great DJs to listen to and other fun party animals who know how to have an unbelievable night in Vegas.
Aside from just being able to party at several of these nightclubs in town, you and your friends will get to do so in a VIP manner. This means that by club crawling with Nite Tours, you and your friends will not have to stand in line at any venue, pay any type of cover charge, receive select 2-for-1 drink specials, and several other perks. If you have never been clubbing before in Las Vegas than you do not know how great that is to be able to enter into an exclusive A-List venue without standing in line or paying any cover. Also, when you club crawl with Nite Tours you get to take a ride on the best Party Bus in town to get to your next venue. The party bus is some people’s favorite part of the tour. On each party bus there is comfortable seating, multiple stripper poles to dance on, unlimited/complimentary beverages, jamming music and electrifying lights. It is almost like a mini nightclub but on a bus!
MLK Weekend is going to be a blast for anyone who is in Las Vegas. However, if you and your friends want to get the best experience out of the Las Vegas nightlife and have the ultimate weekend trip, then the only way to do so is by booking with Las Vegas Nite Tours. They will make sure that you have a great weekend and mind-blowing party experience unlike ever before. Book today and be sure to use the promo code 13BLOG to receive $10 off of each VIP Club Crawl. 
It is expected that no other city can compare to what the Vegas nightlife can offer. Of course, Las Vegas is known for its fine cuisine, lavish shopping, world-class shows and of course gambling. These are actually what most individuals look forward to when they are visiting the city. Vegas nightlife is so legendary that as soon as someone turns 21, they immediately want to book a flight to Vegas.
As soon as the sun goes down, the nightlife heats up. With so many options on the Vegas Strip it can become overwhelming selecting the perfect nightclub. With nightclubs like 1OAK, LAX, TAO, Pure, LAVO, Chateau, the Bank, Gallery, it is hard to decide which one to choose. And then there is a huge possibility that you could spend 1-2 hours just waiting in line to get into the club.  What a waste of time and effort! If you are one of those individuals who want to visit famous night clubs and bars during your stay in Las Vegas, book a slot with Nite Tours International to make sure that you actually get inside and party.

Nite Tours International is a trusted party host company that’s been on the speed dial of countless local and tourist club goers in Las Vegas for many years now. Whenever these individuals want to go out and enjoy what Vegas has to offer, they only need to call up Nite Tours as a guarantee that they would have the best times of their lives every time.

This is because Nite Tours has a wide range of services that includes VIP Club Crawl Tour, SIP Happens, Bachelor and Bachelorette Tours and many more. If you are registered to join any of these tours, you will be showered with luscious welcome drinks and ushered to different night clubs without waiting in line or paying any cover charges. You’ll also have the chance to ride their very famous Party Bus. On this bus, there will be no halt in the fun as entertaining games and more free drinks will be offered on board to all of Nite Tours guests.

With Nite Tours International, you’ll be able to experience the best    

Las Vegas has built its reputation as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” by putting on the most sold-out concerts, glamorous theater productions, and hottest award ceremonies known throughout the world. The Las Vegas nightlife entertainment is unlike anything you and your friends have ever seen before, and this upcoming January, it is going to get even better. On Saturday, January 19, 2013 one of the hottest award ceremonies is going to be coming to Las Vegas for the adults who know how to party. The 30th Annual Las Vegas AVN Awards Show is going to be the Las Vegas nightlife premier party of the year. Throughout the ceremony multiple males and females will be awarded and acknowledged for their accomplishments in the adult entertainment industry.
The AVN Awards are going to be a great kickoff for 2013 Las Vegas nightlife. There is no better way to see the more sinful side to Las Vegas than to attend this celebration of hot men and beautiful women. The Las Vegas 2013 AVN Awards is an absolute must-see and must-attend event. Jesse Jane and Asa Akira will both be hosting this glamorous event and there will also be a special performance by Tyga. Las Vegas is going to turn into Rack City!!
So once the AVN Awards are complete, what does Las Vegas nightlife have next for you and your friends? Well, Las Vegas just so happens to be home to the hottest club crawl company in the world-Nite Tours. Las Vegas Nite Tours is the number one company in the nightlife industry who knows how to party and show their guests the best sights of Las Vegas nightlife. While on a club crawl, you and your friends will get to continue the party through several of the hottest nightclubs in town ranging from: Pure, Haze, Tao, 1OAK, The Bank, Chateau, LAX, The Gallery, Lavo and many more. At each nightclub there will be nothing but the best VIP service towards Nite Tours guests including no lines, no covers, drink specials, and some of the hottest music sets from Las Vegas’ very own select DJs. Along with that, you and your friends may get the chance to party the night away with select celebrities in town that weekend. Certain Las Vegas nightclubs like 1OAK, Haze, Pure and Tao are known for being after party favorites for Tyga, Drake, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, The Kardashians and several other celebrities.
The weekend of January 19 is going to be one wild party for Sin City. The best of Las Vegas nightlife will be available to all of those party animals that know how to plan early. The AVN Awards Show is going to be a great 2013 kick-off ceremony for you and your friends, but do not let the night end there. Las Vegas Nite Tours knows exactly how to party and celebrate unlike anyone else in the city. In fact, with less than a month to plan it would be wise to purchase AVN tickets and book with Nite Tours. Do so today and you can receive $10 off per person per VIP Club Crawl tour booked. Use promo code:13BLOG to guarantee yourself a party seat today.  
The day has finally come for you and your friends. Over 4 years ago you began a journey hoping to better yourself and get the degree that you wanted to pursue your future career goals in. Well now that the journey is over and graduation is finally here, Las Vegas Nite Tours wants to help you and your friend celebrate. With the help of Nite Tours, you and your friends can get to party in true VIP style and experience the best nightclubs in Las Vegas for all at an unbeatable price. Class of 2012 get ready for one wild graduation after-party.
Las Vegas Nite Tours is the number one company on the Strip that knows how to throw the ultimate after-party and show their guests the best Vegas nightlife experience. What better way to celebrate your graduation than with a rocking party in the best party city in the world? While on the Vegas club crawl, you and your friends will get the true VIP experience into multiple exclusive A-List nightclubs in Las Vegas. Some of these nightclubs in Las Vegas include: Haze, Chateau, Lavo, Tao, 1OAK, The Bank, The Gallery, LAX and many more. With Nite Tours, you and your friends can get the chance to party in any of these hot Las Vegas nightclubs and do it without waiting in any lines or paying ridiculous cover charges. You will also receive the best 2-for-1 drink specials at select venues.
The Las Vegas nightlife is unlike anywhere else in the world. The Strip is filled with thousands of people, gigantic hotels, beautiful landscapes, and eye-blinding light shows. Well, by booking with Las Vegas Nite Tours, you and your friends will get to see the Strip like never before. Nite Tours works with the hottest transportation in town. While on a Las Vegas Club Crawl, you and your friends will be taken on a Las Vegas Party Bus to get to and from venue to venue. All of the Las Vegas Party Buses range from different sizes but the size of fun is the same. Each party bus includes unlimited complimentary drinks, stripper poles, comfortable seating, hot music selections, and nightclub lights. The party will never stop whether you are in an actual Las Vegas nightclub or on a Las Vegas Party bus.
Graduation is the ultimate reason to celebrate big like never before. Nite Tours knows exactly how to entertain their guests and promises to throw the best nightlife graduation after-party like never before. You and your friends will not be disappointed and what is even better is that you will not have to clean up after this mess. So grab your cap and gown and book today for the best Las Vegas nightlife after-party like never before. In fact if you book today and enter the promo code 13BLOG, you and your friends can each get $10 off your club crawl tour. You will not receive a better graduation present than this one from Nite Tours Club Crawl guaranteed.    

Nite Tours Vegas VIP Club Crawl Reviews
“Awesome birthday nite out”
November 10, 2012
Me and 8 of my friends went on the vip club crawl and it was the best nite ever. Can't wait to do it again!


My girlfriends and I always love visiting Las Vegas during the winter season. Everywhere we turn there are dazzling light displays, gigantic Christmas trees beautifully decorated, holiday carols playing throughout the hotels and the most unbelievable discounts. Every time we visit Las Vegas we always book a Las Vegas club crawl tour with Nite Tours. They are the number one company on the Strip that knows how to show their guests the true colors of the Las Vegas nightlife. This year specifically they are throwing a Naughty or Nice Holiday Tour that is simply too fun to miss out on. While on the tour we will be taken throughout the best nightclubs in Las Vegas ranging from Tao, Lavo, Haze, 1OAK, The ACT, Pure, Chateau, The Bank, and many more. The select lineup varies from night to night, but no matter what each tour includes a trip to at least four amazing Las Vegas nightlife venues. While partying at each venue, we as Nite Tours guests get to experience a Las Vegas Club Crawl in VIP fashion. At each venue we get to enjoy the pleasures of no lines, no covers, select drink specials, music from headliner DJs and we also receive a free Santa Hat from Nite Tours. My girlfriends and I are so excited to go party and celebrate in Las Vegas. Nite Tours always does a fabulous job making sure we enjoy our Las Vegas Club Crawl experience and much more.
Now besides our wild and crazy fill of nightclubs in Las Vegas, we also like checking out the holiday attractions set up on the Strip. For this upcoming trip we have decided to go and see a Winter in Venice in The Venetian Hotel & Casino. Las Vegas Nite Tours highly recommended this attraction because of its location next to several of the partner nightclubs and the fact that it is simply beautiful.
A Winter in Venice is by far one of the most beautiful and fun filled holiday attractions on the Strip. It is an exclusive holiday Festival that offers a wide range of holiday fun and romantic activities. There is a skating rink, festive food and deserts, musical performances by select artists, sensational shopping, carolers, Santa Claus, multiple electrifying light displays and much more. This place sounds like so much fun that there is no way we can miss out on this. Throughout the day it would be perfect to walk through and enjoy and then at night hit up the Las Vegas nightlife with Nite Tours.
We are excited for this upcoming winter vacation. My girlfriends and I are so looking forward to spending quality time through a Winter in Venice and then breaking loose while on the Naughty or Nice Holiday Tour. I recommend that you gather your friends up and make a trip to Las Vegas this winter so you too can enjoy the luxurious Vegas nightlife and much more this holiday season.

In fact, to help make your decision easier Nite Tours is offering you a $10 discount per person on any tour you book. Enter the promo code 13BLOG and get your party started now.