Las Vegas Night Tourse Goretorium Club Crawl

It is that time of year again were the Halloween spirit comes out. The smell of fall is in the air, pumpkins are everywhere and entertaining costumes are found all over the place. However, in Las Vegas we take the meaning of Halloween to a completely different level. Las Vegas becomes the ideal version of Sin City during the Halloween festivities. Locals and tourists gather from all over to celebrate in the horrific and frightening activities located throughout the city. Haunted houses and other creepy exhibits are set up all over at various locations for people to come and enjoy a little terror. All of those haunted houses are amateurs though when compared to Las Vegas’ newest attraction, Eli Roth’s Goretorium is the newest walk through exhibit located on the Strip. This new attraction is going to bring horror and gruesome to a whole new meaning this Halloween season.

Eli Roth, in case you are not familiar with him, is the director of the ghastly movies “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever”. Both of these movies have a huge amount of gruesome sights, sounds and effects. Well just like it is seen in his movies, Eli Roth is bringing his vision to the Goretorium exhibit. Walking through Las Vegas’ newest attraction is going to be like walking through one of Eli Roth’s films. The Goretorium is going to have a very historical theme to it. Eli Roth is going to bring a modern twist to the original horror story of Las Vegas. Almost 50 years ago the Delmont Hotel is where the original gruesome events took place. There were numerous disappearances of hotel guests who came to stay in Las Vegas. The owners of the hotel use to target guests in order to satisfy their cannibalistic fantasies. They would drug the guests and feed other unsuspected guests certain parts of the humans that they had just massacred. This is one of Las Vegas’ most terrifying stories and Eli Roth is bringing it back to life but with a few minor details added. 

The Las Vegas Goretorium is going to be the most intense live terror experience anyone can encounter this Halloween season. However what makes this new attraction even better is that it will be joining the fall line-up for Las Vegas’ Night Tours as a new venue. This multi-level exhibit will be added to the beginning of Las Vegas Night Tours Goretorium Club Crawls. Before entering the Goretorium, guests will be able to meet their VIP Host in the Baby Dolls Lounge and enjoy 2-for-1 drinks. After experiencing the terrifying exhibit, guests will then continue the night and go to two famous A-list nightclubs and another ultra-lounge. Hopefully with all of the fun in the nightclubs and on the party bus, the guests will be able to erase the vivid images from the Goretorium.

Las Vegas Night Tours Goretorium Club Crawls will be the best experience that one can encounter this Halloween season. The Goretorium and the Las Vegas Club Crawl will be something you have never seen nor experienced before. If you want to celebrate a true terrifying and fun Halloween, then you and your friends must book your Las Vegas Night Tours Goretorium Club Crawl today. It will be a ticket straight to hell so make sure to bring a strong stomach and prepare yourself for a walk through the mind of Eli Roth. 
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