Are your Ready for a wild Guys Night Out in Vegas?
All right guys pack your bags, the booze, and extra cash because we are heading to Las Vegas, the hottest party city in the world. That is right, we are going to hit up the most luxurious hotels, casinos, hottest nightclubs and bars that Las Vegas has to offer. Sin City is known for being the ultimate guy get away for the weekend. With the numerous gentlemen clubs, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and casinos no wonder guys enjoy coming to Las Vegas. The city is the ideal dream playground for men of all ages. However, even though Las Vegas has a lot of extremely fun day activities, let's just cut to the chase. The main reason why you and your buddies are coming to Las Vegas is to enjoy the nightlife and all of the perks that come with that including the ladies, drinks, dancing, and other adult fun. Question is: what is the best way to get into the clubs and be around all of that fun? I have just the answer.
If you and your friends want to experience Sin City the right way then the only way to do so is to club crawl with Las Vegas Night Tours. There are a lot of things that most guys are not aware of when they come to Las Vegas. The nightlife in town can be very different than they have ever experienced before. For instance, at nightclubs the entrance fee for guys can range from $20-$50, drinks can start at $20, there must be a 2-1 ratio between girls and guys, and lastly, guys have to stand in line for a while before even entering a club. By booking with Las Vegas Night Tours, you and your friends will not have to worry about a single one of those things mentioned above. When partying with Night Tours you get to experience a great night in a true party atmosphere. Unlike all of those other guys visiting, you and your friends get to club crawl from place to place without standing in lines, with drink specials offered at all locations, no ridiculous cover charges, and no ratios to meet.
So how exactly do you get from place to place? Well unlike having to take a cab or worrying about having a designated driver, instead you get to spend your night on a top-notch party bus. Inside each bus there are seats, stripper poles, lights, surround sound, free drinks and a fun host. The night is nothing but none stop fun. You can select from a preset tour or even customize an all guys’ tour. Throughout the night you will get to party the night away at some of the city’s hottest nightclubs including: Tao, Chateau, The Bank, 1OAK, Pure, LAX, Lavo, and many others. At each location you and your friends can listen to some the hottest DJs in town, meet plenty of attractive ladies, and even come across a few celebrities.
Not everyone can handle the wild and crazy nightlife of Las Vegas however, by booking with Las Vegas Night Tours you and your friends will be able to party the night away without worrying about anything. It will be nothing but the most absolute fun and the ultimate weekend get away. You will experience an insane level of fun that will keep you remembering some things are not meant for Facebook. So pack your bags, call up the guys, book your Vegas Club Crawl Tour, and prepare for one wild ride!

What people are saying about Nite Tours
“Felt like a vip, spent like a bum.”
September 4, 2012
Theres nothing like the feeling of bypassing a huge line at the club. The website was very accurate in what we would be getting. Unlike other tour companies I felt I was well informed on the times throughout the night. I would definitely do it again next time I'm in Vegas.

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