Celebrate Halloween like a celebrity with Nite Tours’ Spooktacular VIP event, Friday October 26th & Saturday October 27th!

If you’re going to go anywhere this Halloween, I suggest it be Las Vegas. Known as the biggest costume party in the world, Halloween is one of the most popular weekends in ‘sin-city.’ Of course, with so many new party friends to meet and observe in their Vegas-style costumes, there is a price to pay. The cost? Waiting in line for everything!

Even if you are beautiful, well connected, and breeze to the front of every line at your hometown clubs, don’t expect the same treatment in Las Vegas -- where lines of beautiful people can stretch a mile long!

To avoid ruining your Las Vegas Halloween extravaganza waiting in line, I suggest booking a VIP Spooktacular Club Crawl with Nite Tours. This exclusive service allows you to party like a real celebrity, providing you with a VIP host, party bus, and successive access to 3 A-list Vegas nightclubs… all for less than you’d spend getting mediocre service at 1 B-list club!

The nightclubs will be buzzing with celebrities that step out with unlimited budgets, wearing the most breathtaking costumes you’ve ever seen. Since Club Crawl takes you to 3 different A-list clubs, your chances of bumping shoulders with the hottest names in Hollywood are dramatically increased.

Celebrity Sighting
Heidi Klum is known for her annual Halloween parties in Las Vegas, she’s also known for wearing some of the wildest costumes. Like last year, when she sported a suit that made her look like she had no skin. Pretty wild, can you imagine seeing that out on the street? When club hopping on the party bus, you will be in the middle of the action on the Las Vegas Strip. As always you will enjoy the unlimited (and all-inclusive) beverages all night long on the party bus. 

Other celebrities scheduled to be in Las Vegas around Halloween are Daniel Tosh and Garth Brooks. Both have concerts scheduled on the 26th.  When visiting Vegas at such a popular time, it’s nearly impossible to miss seeing at least one jaw-dropping star or starlet.

Dress to Impress
Of course, wearing a wild costume is even more important than spotting celebs. You will be judged accordingly, winners will receive Spooktacular prizes! Wearing a costume will let out your most playful side, think if it this way: for one night you are someone else entirely.

Meet New People
 All too often you meet someone really attractive and intriguing while waiting in line, only to never see him or her again for the rest of the night. With Nite Tours, this isn’t going to happen. This Halloween, the handsome man or the beautiful woman you meet at Ultra-Lounge—the starting place for the Spooktacular club crawl—will without a doubt grace your presence again; perhaps in between clubs, while dancing and mingling around the fully-loaded party bus. Sparks are sure to fly this Halloween, prepare accordingly.

Have a truly carefree Halloween this October; pick out your costume and come ready to party. Nite Tours will take care of everything else.

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