All over Las Vegas there are numerous types of transportations. There are taxis, limousines, cars, vans, trucks, and buses. However have you ever seen that one bus? You know the one that looks like a nightclub on wheels? Well if you have then you know then that that bus is the Las Vegas Party Bus. It is the hottest form of transportation on the street during the night. Only the top VIP partiers travel on this bus and you can be one of those lucky partiers tonight if you know whom to call.
Las Vegas Nite Tours is the proud operator of those fabulous party buses you see on the Strip. Las Vegas Nite Tours is the leading company in the industry for partying and club crawling. They partner with all of the hottest and most exclusive nightlife venues on the Strip ranging from Pure, Haze, Tao, The Bank, LAVO, 1OAK, Chateau, Vanity, Hyde and several others. Throughout the La Vegas Club Crawl, a VIP Host form Nite Tours will take you though a select line up of the venues listed above. They will guarantee that you get into any of those venues without paying a cover charge or standing in line. What could be better service than that? Well easy. Once you have spent enough time at one venue, the VIP Host will board everyone up on the Las Vegas Party Bus and take him or her for a ride to the next venue. While on the Las Vegas Party Bus that is when the real fun begins.
While on the Las Vegas Party Bus, everyone will get to enjoy a nice and comfortable trip along the Las Vegas Strip. They will be able to look at the dazzling light displays from the different properties and observe the fantastic nightlife atmosphere of the Strip. Las Vegas Nite Tours will also provide unlimited and complimentary beverages for everyone to drink from select beers, wine coolers, and other alcoholic beverages. Guests will also be able to dance the ride away on one of the stripper poles located on the Las Vegas Party Bus. Hold on though because it can get bumpy!
The Las Vegas Party Bus is the ultimate way for someone to experience the best time while in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Nite Tours has been a crowd favorite for several years now because they know how to please their guests when it comes to the nightlife and party scene. All night long, Nite Tours will continue to surprise you with just how fun and entertaining the Las Vegas Club Crawl can get. All of the partnering nightclubs are always pleased to entertain Nite Tours guests as well and show them how to have a blast. If you want to take a ride on the Las Vegas Party Bus and get to see what it is like to club crawl through Las Vegas then you have to book today. There are no stops while on this bus unless it has reached its nightclub destination. 

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