Attentions ladies, Las Vegas Nite Tours “Ladies Night Out” just got a lot hotter. That is right; the one evening where girlfriends can get together and celebrate like true divas just became the ultimate tour for Las Vegas Nite Tours. Ladies Night Out is one of the most popular tours for women who are either single or in a relationship. This one evening offers a breather for females and lets them escape their busy lives for an evening of fun and entertainment.
Ladies Night Out is the best tour of the Las Vegas nightlife for any woman. All females who go on this tour have the most amazing time by seeing the beautiful sights on the Strip and drinking as many beverages as they can. What also makes the evening fun is the type of transportation that Nite Tours uses. Nite Tours Club Crawl only partners with the best, so when it comes to the transportations, you and your friends can expect to travel in style like a true VIP guest. The party bus is by far one of the highlights of the night. Nite Tours Party Bus is equipped to portray a mini nightclub on wheels. Within the party bus there are electrifying lights, comfortable seats, two stripper poles, a rocking VIP Host and pumping music. The party bus is used for when the guests have to be transported to another venue on the strip. The trip will only last 15-20 minutes, but those minutes are absolutely fun during every second.      
Throughout the night, Nite Tours Club Crawl will take all of the ladies to some of the hottest nightlife venues in town. Haze, Pure, 1OAK, Tao, Lavo, LAX, Chateau, and Moon are just a few of the most popular venues that partner with Nite Tours Club Crawl. At all of these venues, ladies can expect the best VIP service which includes no cover charges, no lines, unlimited 2-for-1 drink specials and even more complimentary benefits. Another exciting aspect about Ladies Night Out is that this tour is the only current tour by Nite Tours that includes The ACT as one of the venues. The ACT is one of the newest and most spoken about nightclubs on the Strip. This bizarre twist of a nightclub and theater venue is quickly growing and becoming the most favored nightlife venues in town, especially amongst the ladies.
Ladies Night Out is the only get away for any female who wants to have a fun and entertaining night out on the town. Las Vegas is filled with endless possibilities for families and men, however the options for strictly women are very limited. Nite Tours Club Crawl is the number one club crawl tour company on the Strip and one of their most popular tours is in fact Ladies Night Out. Unlike other tours on the Strip, Ladies Night Out truly caters to the very needs of all of the guests on the tour and even exceeds any and all expectations. Ladies Night Out is what every female and her girlfriends need, so book today for an escape to Las Vegas nightlife fun female style.

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