Everyone is under the impression that Sundays are meant to be a day for relaxation, family time, church and rest. Well I don’t know where you folks are from, but in the city that never sleeps, Sundays are a strict NFL Football game and party day. No matter who your favorite team is, everyone joins together at local bars and pubs to celebrate and cheer for the number one game of pigskin tossing, receiving, and tackling. Nearly at every bar and pub in Las Vegas, fans can find the best happy hour and game day deals to partake in. However, once the head bashing game is over, what do fans do next and where do they go? Well in Las Vegas the number one after party club crawl tour company knows just how to solve the problem.

Las Vegas Nite Tours is the number one club crawl tour company that promises and guarantees the best after parties one can only dream of. Throughout the night, Nite Tours Club Crawls will take the guests on the most exciting nightlife experience of the Strip. Fans will get to hit up the wildest after parties at some of the hottest nightclubs and lounges in town. Nite Tours only works with the best venues in town, so fans can be assured that they will have an awesome time. 

As of now, the fall line-up is as followed: Lily Lounge (Bellagio), The Bank (Bellagio), Gallery (Planet Hollywood) and last is Pure (Caesar’s Palace). All of these venues are absolutely fabulous venue partners and are some of the best industry leaders. When partying with Nite Tours Club Crawls, fans can look forward to be treated like celebrity athlete VIPs at all of the venues listed. At Lily Lounge, fans can continue their happy hour with 2-for-1 drink specials and meet their club crawl VIP Host. Then, for the rest of the evening, fans will get to party at all of the nightclubs listed. In order to get to the other nightclubs, guests will ride on the hottest party bus transportation in Las Vegas. On each party bus, roaring fans will get to drink more complimentary beverages, entertain themselves on the stripper poles and reminisce on the awesome win from earlier in the day. Once the party bus reaches the nightclub, fans will receive VIP access (no line/ no cover), enjoy the most popular music and beats, and even more drink specials.

Sundays can either be a day for rest and family, or they can be a day to celebrate NFL Football and party like animals. Whether the game is a victory or devastation, every fan will still be excited to continue in the evening activities that only Nite Tours Club Crawls can offer. Sundays can now be the beginning of the week, filled with fun, entertainment, athletics, and alcohol. Just remember that if you are coming to the after party with Nite Tours Club Crawls, the pigskins have to be left at home and only game faces are allowed on the party bus. 

Nite Tours' Reviews
“Must Do in Vegas”
October 18, 2012
It is such an easy way to have a great time at crowed but fun clubs. You have fun at each club and have a great time on the bus each time I party with Nite Tours. Colton is a great host that works for Nite Tours. Highly advise that you request Colton as your host.

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