As most of you know, Runnin Rebel basketball has already begun their conference season. That is right, the boys are already on the move and getting ready for the Mountain West Conference Championships along with the NCAA Tournament to follow. This team is unlike any team that we have ever seen at UNLV. Coach Rice has one of the top recruiting class in the collegiate level and one of the strongest defenses to break through. Rebel fans all over have never been this excited in a long time and with all of the victories week after week, it is only right that many of them wish to party after the games. Being in Las Vegas there are some many ways that one can choose to party but the best Runnnin Rebel After Party is on the Las Vegas Club Crawl with Las Vegas Nite Tours.
Las Vegas Nite Tours is the number one company in town who knows how to throw the ultimate after party for any occasion. From Runnin Rebel Basketball to Super Bowl Sunday, they know how to party with any fan-based group of individuals. Las Vegas Nite Tours has built its name by having the Las Vegas Club Crawl. This is the best club crawl tour on the Strip that shows anyone on the tour the best side of the Las Vegas nightlife. All night long, Las Vegas Nite Tours will take their guests through some of the most exclusive and hottest nightlife venues in town. Not only will Nite Tours get you in but they will also do it in VIP style (no lines/no covers). Some of the amazing nightlife venues that you and your Rebel friends will get to party in include: Haze, LAX, The Bank, Chateau, Pure, 1OAK, Tao, Hyde and several others. All of these locations are absolutely perfect to celebrate a Runnin Rebel victory.
So what makes this after party better than all of those other ones out there? Well that is simple. Aside from just being able to enter into all of these nightlife venues with Las Vegas Club Crawl, there is something else that makes these nightclubs some of the best nightlife venues in town. All of these venues are known for having the hottest crowds of people and the best DJs in the industry. All night long you and everyone else will get to dance to some of the hottest playlists and DJ mixes. It is also very possible for there to be a celebrity host or performance at several of these venues. If that does not do it for you then there is also a big chance that you fans can run into some of the Runnin Rebels themselves and celebrate with the guys you love watching.
The Runnin Rebels are a on a mission this year to make UNLV history, however, what is hard work without a little fun every now and then. As Runnin Rebel fans you have to party like a true Rebel and only real Rebels party with Las Vegas Nite Tours. Let Las Vegas Nite Tours show you what a real after party looks like while on their Las Vegas Club Crawl. After just once, you will want to pre-game and after-party with them all of the time. 

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