One of the biggest compliments I receive is “How safe  and fun is Nite Tours. each evening”!  It makes you feel good to know that 1 person or a small group of friends can rely on Nite Tours to not only take them out for an evening of fun at an affordable price, but IT’S SAFE!!!  Here are the main reasons why Nite Tours is a safe option for you and your friends when traveling and visiting a cities Night Life:

1.      Drinking and Driving:  The laws are getting tighter and tighter and there are more and more checkpoints.  It’s not just the checkpoints and the laws that should prohibit you from drinking and driving but the thought of hurting yourself, a loved one, and/or others!  At Nite Tours, the last thing we want is for you to get in a car after even one drink!!!  Your safety to us is first and if we see that you are getting in a car after drinking on a Nite Tours, we will take your keys away and call you a cab. In the past we have called the authorities to remove a lady from a car after going on a Nite Tours.  3 days later we received an “Edible Arrangement” of fruit, thanking us for stopping her.  WE don’t care if you hate us at the moment,  we are stopping you from hurting yourself or worse, someone else!!!

2.      Rude Behavior: Another great thing about Nite Tours is that NO ONE WILL RUIN YOUR EVENING!  If a guest gets rude (pending how rude) they get ONE (1) stiff warning from the VIP Tour Host, if that does not work then that person is removed from the tour swiftly and from one of our senior Managers or Doormen from the clubs.  There really is a zero tolerance for ignorance and rude behavior on our Nite Tours, as you are on this tour to have fun and celebrate life!!!

3.      Crowded Night Clubs: you have a Nite Tours wrist band while on a tour, so you will be treated like a VIP at the clubs by the staff.  If you have any incident or need attention, you can ask any employee from the night club or venue (if our host is attending to other clients) and the venue/club will take immediate care of you and your issues…even if it is a small as making your drink order, Nite Tours is recognized as a VIP partner and as such they take special care of You!!!

4.  Women are Targets:  Whether you like to think of it or not, there are a lot of creeps out there looking for easy targets.  At Nite Tours, safety is in numbers, as you join a group of 50 people out having fun and wanting to create new friendships in safe, controlled environments.  We also have full service VIP Tour hosts that not only take care of the groups, but take care of you individually.  If there is ever an issue on a Nite Tours, our Hosts take care of it immediately and will remove the issue swiftly and without a scene.  WE are trained to make sure our clients have an excellent evening so you return again and again.  At the end of each night our staff ensures that you are having a great time and everything is perfect!!!  The VIP Hosts will then remove themselves from the tour and the party (unless you are taking our buses back to your starting location, where there are cabs or you have additional transportation waiting for you  (please arrange in  advance).  WE leave you knowing that you are safe and having fun!

5.     Different tours for Different people and ages: This is also very important to your safety, maybe you don’t feel comfortable on our club crawls, but our Sip Happens or our Champagne Nite Tours is more up your alley?  Nite Tours is always about the quality, service and value, where your satisfaction is our Goal!!!  It is important when booking your Nite Tours that you ask what options you have for tours and on tours, as maybe you are celebrating something special or maybe you want your tour private…just give us a call, we can take care of you.

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