Ladies and gentlemen it has finally arrived. The number one club crawl tour company in Las Vegas has moved to another great party city. San Francisco welcomes Nite Tours Club Crawl to the bay area. Finally the city by the bay will finally have the chance to show off just how wild the nightlife is in northern California. Nite Tours Club Crawl is known for partnering with the hottest venues; so do not expect anything less than the best of the best from San Francisco. So pack your bags and head to San Fran because this is one party you do not want to miss. 

Nite Tours Club Crawl is so excited to bring to its guests the best of what San Francisco nightlife has to offer. The tour will take place in Union Square. This area is very popular amongst the bay area locals and a definite must see for tourists. Throughout Union Square there are multiple restaurants, bars/ pubs and lounges/nightclubs. In each venue guests will get to see a portion of San Francisco culture in either the fresh cuisine, delicious wines and beers, or the upbeat jams of local artists and DJs. Nite Tours Club Crawl will walk everyone through the ultra-exclusive hot spots, which are all located in this one area.   At each venue, there are numerous ways for individuals to enjoy themselves and experience a fabulous night out on the town. All of the venues, lounges and nightclubs, are all very luxurious on the inside and have a beautiful scene of Union Square and other areas of the city. Some of these hot spots include: Sugar Café, Vessel, Ruby Skye and a few others. Each establishment is known for providing some of the best cocktails, wines, beers and other alcoholic beverages in town. While touring with Nite Tours Club Crawl, each guest will have the opportunity to try out some of these delicious and twisted drink specials and other complimentary drinks. Besides drinking, guests will also have the chance to dance the night away to some of the hippest music and beats. Local artists and DJs are always performing in the nightclubs and lounges, allowing tourists and locals to hear the culture of San Francisco through the music.  

Nite Tours Club Crawl is so thrilled to be reaching out and partnering with some the best and hottest party venues in San Francisco. Nite Tours is the number one club crawl tour company in Las Vegas. With Nite Tours’ skills and knowledge of how to party, especially in the Entertainment Capital of the World, every guest booking with San Francisco Club Crawl is guaranteed to have a blast. If you want to have one unforgettable night and see the city by the bay like never before, then you must party with Nite Tours Club Crawl. The possibilities are endless for just how much fun you can have, so pack your bags and head on out to San Francisco because the party is waiting. 

Nite Tours Reviews
“Totally doing this again!!”
November 24, 2012
My boyfriend booked us for the Sip Happen tour in San Francisco for my birthday last Saturday. We were only on our second day in the city when we decided that we were fed up with San Fran and wanted nothing to more to do with it. After debating if we should just cancel our tour and stay in our room for the night we decided to suck it up and give it a try. We had a BLAST! Our tour guide was AWESOME! She was so easy to talk to and totally made up for our horrible time we had previously. All of the clubs were crazy, especially slide! I felt so important cruising up to the VIP and not having to wait in line or pay the extremely high covers! Not to mention the sweet drink deals we got at 3 of the spots (buy one get one free drinks). Not only did Launi take us to all the hottest spots, she clued us in on "local tips" which made our next day in the city much more enjoyable. The nite tour AND Launi made my birthday one of the best yet! Thank you!

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