If you are single and ready to mingle please raise your hands!! This Valentine’s Day, Las Vegas is making the Strip more “single” friendly for everyone who does not have a special someone and who does not want to sit at home eating a box of chocolates alone. Instead, Las Vegas Nite Tours is throwing the ultimate “singles bash” called Single & Ready to Mingle. All night long, Nite Tours will take its guests through some of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas; along with provide the ultimate fun filled nightlife experience.
Everyone knows that being in a relationship has its benefits, but on the flipside, there are several benefits to being single as well. For starters, if you are single then you can have the most unforgettable and fun filled night with Nite Tours and the rest of singles joining the club crawl tour. All night long Nite Tours will provide fun entertainment, along with VIP access to all of the most exclusive and best nightclubs in Las Vegas. With VIP access, guests will be able to enter each venue without standing in line, paying a cover, and they will also get to partake in select 2-for-1 drink specials at certain locations. Such nightlife venues that partner with Las Vegas Nite Tours include Haze, Pure, 1OAK, The Bank, Chateau, LAX, Tao, LAVO, Light and many more. All of these venues are crowd favorites and especially popular amongst singles looking to mingle.
There is a reason for why the nightlife venues in Las Vegas are some of the best compared to the rest of the world. Besides being located in the hottest and wildest party city in the world, each nightclub is designed to attract a different crowd, yet provide the best qualities that people love about clubs. For instance, each of the venues listed above have a different decorum inside and out, some have spectacular views of the Strip, some have more seating than others, and some have multiple dance floors. Another factor that makes each venue different and special is the fact that each nightclub in Las Vegas has its own weekly line up of headliner and local DJs. Some of these DJs are known all over the world and some are currently hot members of the music industry like David Guetta, Kaskade, deadmau5, Erick Morillo, Afrojack, Avicii, Calvin Harris and many more. Only with Nite Tours will guests be able to enter and listen to some of the hottest spin sessions, and dance the night away with plenty of other hot singles.
Do not let this year’s Valentine’s Day bring you down. Instead join the fun and hit the Strip on Nite Tours’ Club Crawl Single & Ready to Mingle. All of the hottest singles in town will be ready to party and meet other singles to celebrate a great night and hopefully not go home alone. So if you are single and ready to mingle hit up Las Vegas Nite Tours for a night of sexy single fun. 
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