So you and your friends are in Las Vegas for the weekend and wish to have a little fun without going fully wild? Well if that is the case then I know just what you and friends need to do in order to have a fun weekend and still get the ultimate Las Vegas nightlife experience. Las Vegas Nite Tours is now offering there one and only Sip the Strip Tour. It is the best way for you and your friends to enjoy a low key night out on the town and still get an unforgettable Las Vegas nightlife experience and much more.
Las Vegas Nite Tours is known all over the world for their amazing nightlife club crawls and tours. They are the number one company when it comes to knowing how to party in different ways and providing the ultimate nightlife experience for all various guests. The Sip the Strip Tour is one of several tours that they provide for guests traveling to Las Vegas looking to have a fun time yet in a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. While on the Sip the Strip Tour, Las Vegas Nite Tours will take you and your friends through several of the most exclusive Las Vegas nightlife lounges and bars on the Strip. Some of these nightlife venues include Lily’s (Bellagio), The Deuce (Aria), Baby Doll’s (Planet Hollywood), Hyde (Bellagio) and several other locations. At all of these venues, you and your friends will be able to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and sip on unlimited 2-for-1 drink and cocktail specials. Las Vegas Nite Tours will take you through four exclusive locations and then finish the tour off at one of the hottest nightclubs on the Strip.
So what makes the Sip the Strip Tour so fun and unforgettable? Well there are several reasons why people love going on this tour compared to just going clubbing. For starters, if you are not someone who is interested into the whole nightclub scene, then this is the perfect way to still have a fantastic night out without all of the chaos and loud music that comes from clubbing. Also, if you know anything about drink prices in Las Vegas then you know that a simple cranberry vodka can run you from $8-11. By going on the Sip the Strip Tour, you can enjoy unlimited 2-for-1 drink specials and some locations even offer a few complimentary beverages. The last main reason for why people enjoy going on the Sip the Strip Tour is because at all of the nightlife venues there are beautiful sights to enjoy and a comfortable atmosphere. One of the best sights is of the water fountain show located at The Bellagio. Everyone who goes to Hyde while on the tour will get an opportunity to watch this jaw-dropping show.
Las Vegas is filled with endless possibilities for how someone can enjoy their weekend and get the most out of their night. What people do not know is that there is so much more to the Las Vegas nightlife than just nightclubs. Las Vegas Nite Tours is the only way that you and your friends can enjoy a low-key weekend while in Las Vegas. The Sip the Strip Tour is filled with unforgettable amounts of fun and will leave you satisfied with your weekend vacation. So book today and get ready to Sip the Strip and much more.

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