A lot of people say things like “I can get into any club in Vegas”. “I found a company that is cheaper”. Or the best one is “there is a company that is better than Nite Tours”.  My answer is always the same, try them then give us a call after you are disappointed with them!!!  Our competitors base their entire company on what Nite Tours next move is.  Everyone follows the leader, so they don’t have to think.  Sad thing is that these companies are not able to offer what Nite Tours does for the client such as A rated clubs, quality service and value that Nite Tours is proud to offer after 21 years of service.  We are a strict company, we only wants the best tour hosts, the top of the line executives and only the best luxury buses so our clients receive the best experience in night life in Las Vegas!!!

Back in the day, there was no such thing as a club crawl when Nite Tours opened our doors in Las Vegas in 1996, and if there was they offered pub tours as no one could get into the clubs (and we bought that company out).  Nite Tours is not only the pioneer of the club crawl Globally, but the innovator of what you see today in all Las Vegas club crawls which is basically an all inclusive deal with unlimited drinks on the luxury limo buses, tour hosts, VIP access, all cover paid, etc…Nite Tours also priced the tours below the average club entrance, as back in the day VIP hosts were making $100 per head just to get you into a club like PURE or LAX.  Today Night Tours works closely with club hosts and club owners to offer only the best night life experience.  But we do have copy cats and I want to address them in this blog!

I am going to give you an comparison to purchasing club crawls in Vegas and I am going to name my competition so you know exactly what you get. I have NOTHING TO HIDE, so you know exactly what you are getting from all of the club crawl companies in Las Vegas.  Here is what Nite Tours is all about and then our competition to compare, you be the judge…


Nite Tours

What they offer:
All ViP Club Crawls $79 women receive an open bar to start the night and men get unlimited 2for1’s. VIP Access to 3 clubs, all cover paid, all clubs are Triple A rated (meaning only the best clubs such as TAO, Marquee, PURE, LAX, Chateau, Surrender, XS, Haze, LAVO, etc).  Luxury Limo bus with unlimited selection of beverages, wristband, VIP host to take care of you all night long and passes to after hours clubs for free. 

Other Tours offered:
 - Nite Tours offers a walking tour “Sip Happens” for only $19 (after $20 online rebate) that goes to all “B” rated clubs such as Coyote Ugly, Dicks Last Resort, Tabu, Studio 54, and LAX. Where you get a free drink along the way at each location except the night clubs
 - Nite Tours offers a walking Club Crawl to “A”Rated clubs for only $39 (after $20 online rebate) to clubs such as Haze, Chateau, Gallery, Bank, and PURE
 - Nite Tours offers Charter services, where you can rent our buses hourly with a fully stocked bar.
 - Bachelor and Bachelorette packages

 - Champagne Rock & Roll Tour, see the city by night while sipping on champagne
 - Other cities offer Ghost Tours and tours that highlight the cities cool nightlife.

Who sells the company products
Nite Tours is the only company who is sold on:  Hotels.com, Orbitz, Expedia, Best Day, Trip Res, Tourico and over 120 Partners world wide

Proud Success
 - Nite Tours owns their own Luxury Limo buses and the largest fleet in Las Vegas each bus is fully equipped to be a night club on wheels
 - Nite Tours luxury buses we call night clubs on wheels are fully stocked with unlimited beverages that are complimentary

 - Nite Tours has won over 11 Prestigious Tourism and Business Awards in North America
 - Nite Tours started operations in Canada over 21 years ago
 - Nite Tours operates in several US cities and opening in Europe and Asia, making Nite Tours the number one nightlife provider in the world
 - Nite Tours offers different tours to suit different budgets and needs such as Champagne Rock & Roll Tour, Walking Club Crawl, Sip Happens and others…
 - Nite Tours and Night Tours Global Trade Mark with WIPO
 - Nite Tours guides are certified and have a Tam card so they can serve your drinks on the buses
 - Nite Tours has a full call center and evening Managers to ensure that your tour is perfect from the time you book to the time you get home safely
 - Nite Tours works closely with all owners of all night clubs in each city
 - All tours are updated quarterly to add new clubs to our evening line ups.  Each night is a different tour so you can go more than once

4 Star Rating Trip Advisor over 111 Ratings
16,000 clients per month in Las Vegas on Nite Tours

Las Vegas Club Crawls

What they offer
 - $89 you receive “B” rated clubs that anyone can get into such as Coyote Ugly, Tabu, Dicks Las Resort.  They offer finger foods and a drink in each location. 
 - They only have one tour and this club crawl is a walking tour NO Bus
 - No certification with tour hosts
 - No afterhours manager or call center to take care of clients

Who sells the company products
 - They market through online website
 - No partners selling their tours online that we can find

Proud Success
 - Company founder is from Vancouver Canada, in Vegas for 1 year.  Does well in Vancouver, Canada with his club crawls.
 - Tour is always the same line up

4 Star Rating on Trip Advisor 48 reviews

 - Small number of clients on tour each month

Vegas Night Tours.com (funny how they have to copy our name)

$49 tour to “B” rated clubs such as Foundation Room, Coyote Ugly and if you want to finish at an “A” rated club you have to pay an additional $30 which makes the tour $79 for 1 – A rated club.  You get limo service with a free shot on the bus as you go from club to club

Other Tours Offered:
 - VIP Services into clubs with no line and all covered paid.  No price listed
 - Bachelorette Club Crawl that is outdated starting at Rogue, then to Tabu, Christian Audigier, Rum Jungle None of these clubs exist anymore.

Who Sells their company products:
No one that we can find, as their site is outdated and the clubs they work with our outdated and closed

Proud Success:
Copying Nite Tours name and spelling it Night Tours

NO Rating on any forums
Not sure of how many people on their tours per month

Now you know who our competition is…I am not saying they are good or bad, I am just pointing out the obvious for you to see.  If you have any questions on our tours or have any feedback, we would love to hear from you.  it is very important to us that we are the leaders in Night Life Tourism Products and only YOU can make us number 1…Thank you again to the 200,000 clients that visit Nite Tours and entrust their nightlife experience with us!

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There's a couple inaccuracies about us, but nothing to fuss over :)

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