There are places all over the world where St. Patrick’s Day is considered to be a very important and cultural holiday. In Las Vegas, it is just another reason to party like crazy and drink until you drop. There is nothing else like seeing the streets and Vegas nightlife go green when St. Patrick’s Day comes around. People travel from all over the world to partake in the fun filled drinking contests and party in some of the hottest celebrity hosted parties on the Strip. This St. Patrick’s Day could be your chance to come and experience the Irish side of Las Vegas and who knows, maybe even get lucky in more than one way. However, before we get down to the actual festivities, we must first fill you in on who is going to show you the best way to party on the Strip and get the most out of your Vegas nightlife experience.
Las Vegas Nite Tours is the leading party group located on the Strip. They know how to have a terrific time and make the most out of any party. For this St. Patrick’s Day, you and your friends can count on Las Vegas Nite Tours living up to their name as the number one partygoers in town. They will be club crawling through all of the hottest and most exclusive nightlife venues in town ranging from such locations as Pure, LAX, LAVO, The Bank, Chateau, 1OAK, Tao, Hyde, Haze, and other great hotspots. Not only will Las Vegas Nite Tours be able to get you and your friends into these great venues, but they will also be able to so without you having to stand in line or pay a cover charge.
All of the Vegas nightlife venues listed above are known throughout the world for their great party atmospheres, headliner DJs and unbelievable list of celebrity parties. You and your friends can guarantee that for this St. Patrick’s Day there will be numerous celebrities in town celebrating just like you. There is already word that such celebrities like Common, Shaquille O’Neil, Lil Jon, Carmen Electra, Akon and the Kardashians are all suppose to be in town throwing some of the wildest green parties in town. Not only will some celebrities be hosting though but there will also be numerous headliner DJs spinning and performing for your enjoyment. What St. Patrick’s Day party could ever get better than this weekend in Las Vegas?
Las Vegas Nite Tours is ready to show you the wild green side of Las Vegas. The Vegas nightlife is unlike anything you and your friends have ever seen or experienced before. You can count on the fun during this trip to be even more than what you expected. So start planning ahead and get ready to go green this St. Patrick’s Day in the number one party city in the world and with the leading partygoers in the industry. 

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