Nite Tours is considered the elite nightlife provider, offering club crawls to the hottest nightclubs in the city on our  VIP Club Crawls .  As Nite Tours continues to be a leader in the nightlife arena, the company needs to stay ahead of the curve by always reinventing itself with quality and luxury. If you have never been on a Nite Tour, you will notice a few things that stand out.
  • Service. Your tour hosts make sure your evening is perfect.  
  • Value.  Nite Tours takes pride in offering a tour package that is far less than you can do on your own.
  • Quality.  You will always be in the best nightlife in a city and on the most luxurious limo buses.
Nite Tours has the most luxurious limo buses, which we like to call the nightclubs on wheels.  The reason we call it that is that there is no difference between our luxury limo buses and a nightclub, although we have been told Nite Tours is better than a nightclub…remember our luxury limo buses are taking you to the hottest nightlife, so we HAVE TO BE just as attractive.  At Nite Tours, your transportation is better than a nightclub, and here is why

                              Nite Tours                  Nightclub

Stand Up Bar                     X                           X
Dance floor                       X                           X
Stripper pole                     X
Free beverages                 X
Leather seating                 X                           X  (additional charge to sit)
Games and Fun                 X
Laser Light Show              X                           X
Fog machine                     X
Big Screen TV’s                 X                           X

Nite Tours only deals with MCI and Prevost buses 2008 and newer.  We take the complete inside of each motor coach and turn it into a luxury nightclub on wheels.  We start with the leather seating (some areas are pleather for wear and tear) with a design that is functional for clients to sit comfortably and also for movability. We then focus on the dance floor and stripper poles, so everyone has a chance to watch or get up and dance on the poles and dance floor.  At that time we focus on the sound and the strategic points we need the highs and the big bass lows.  With that comes the large 52” flat screens to watch what is going on outside or a music video.  Last but not least is the bar location and the flow of getting your complimentary beverages while enjoying the ride.   When you enter a Nite Tours luxury nightclub on wheels, it will stun you! 

The Nite Tours luxury limo bus ride is worth the tour price all on its own!!!  Have fun and we look forward to seeing you on Nite Tours!

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