The holiday season is quickly approaching for those of us in Las Vegas. The streets are beginning to show the holiday spirit with the winter décor all over the light posts, along the medians, and on certain buildings. Multiple properties are completely revamping certain outside and inside areas to match the holiday season. In some hotels, complete front lobbies, galleries, and other areas along the casino floors are being decorated with beautiful flower arrangements, life size gifts, and the most spectacular lighting arrangements that are truly electrifying. All over the Strip, the holiday cheer is spreading. Once everything is finally finished, Las Vegas will hardly look like its normal self. Las Vegas is definitely where you want to come and enjoy your holiday season at.
Throughout the town there will be the most beautiful sights to see, the most delicious treats to try, and other fun activities to participate in. One of the most popular places to visit during the winter season is the ice skating rink inside of The Venetian. This is the only property on the Strip that has an ice skating rink inside for everyone to enjoy. This immense ice skating rink is only one of the parts that help create Winter in Venice. Winter in Venice is the best winter wonderland escape for everyone who visits Las Vegas. Besides the ice skating rink, there are also live carolers, gondola rides through areas of the hotel, colorful light shows, cute host boutiques, and many more holiday fun activities.
Winter in Venice is such an amazing sight to walk through and take pictures throughout. People come from all over just to experience Las Vegas’ version of holiday fun. However, the trip to Las Vegas would not be complete unless guests took advantage of all of the holiday celebrations that this city has to offer. Aside from the fun in Winter in Venice, there is even more fun and entertainment to be had while taking a club crawl tour on the hottest sleigh in town. Now this is no ordinary sleigh, but in fact it is one of Las Vegas Nite Tours’ Party Buses. Nite Tours Party Bus is going to be the fastest and coolest methods to club crawl along the Strip this holiday season. The Nite Tours Party Bus will be equipped with its very own elf (also known as a VIP Host), who will be taking you to various nightlife venues throughout the evening to party and celebrate the holiday season. Some of the venues that guests could be taken to include: Haze, 1OAK, LAX, Vanity, Chateau, The ACT, Tao and many more. On this Party Bus ride, guests will have the pleasure of enjoying hip music, sipping on complimentary drinks, and dancing on the candy canes (stripper poles). Nite Tours Party Bus is going to be one rocking party this holiday season.
Las Vegas Nite Tours always knows how to show guests the best sights and experiences of the Las Vegas nightlife. This holiday season could be filled with nothing but fun and entertainment. Winter in Venice is a great attraction to get the holiday fun rolling, but if guests want to keep the fun jingling into the night, then they have to go on a club crawl tour with the Nite Tours Party Bus. 
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